Zoey Deutch Says She Tried Botox to Treat Excessive Sweating

Stars—they’re just like us—they sweat uncontrollably. Zoey Deutch is the name on everyone’s lips right now, as the movie she stars in, Not Okay, makes its rounds. The actress is known for her A+ red carpet outfits and polished hair and makeup looks. However, when it comes down to it, she’s also candid about the simpler things in life, like sweating. While doing press for the movie, Deutch appeared on “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. The 26-year-old revealed that she recently tried Botox for her armpit sweat.

At the beginning of the podcast episode, Padman reveals that Deutch is one of her fashion icons. Deutch then jokes that her outfit is disappointing on that specific day, “wearing a shirt with armpit stains to the bottom of the shirt.” This launches the group into a discussion on sweating.

“There’s no one that sweats more in the world,” says Deutch. “I actually recently tried to get Botox in my armpits.” Botox is actually FDA-approved to combat excessive sweating that occurs in the underarm area. Unfortunately, Deutch says the treatment didn’t work for her. “My body laughed at me. It had other plans,” she says.

Before opting for the neurotoxin, Deutch had tried deodorant, but she claims “there’s no amount of any deodorant to stop the sweat.” Shepard speculates that there’s no way she uses an antiperspirant with aluminum in it, as some say that’s a risky behavior these days. However, Deutch shamelessly says she uses antiperspirant with aluminum, even if it’s to no avail.

The trio discusses that Deutch has Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder related to the thyroid. This may be the cause of the sweating, although she’s unsure if they’re linked. Under-arm Botox for sweating is a common treatment, with other stars like Chrissy Teigen speaking out about it and happy with their results.

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