Rick Ross Threatens to Sue Woman Behind ‘I’m The Biggest Boss Conference’ for Kids

Rick Ross is threatening legal action against a Black woman-owned conference he believes is confusing consumers by using too much of his likeness.

Ross’ legal team recently sent a warning to Tiffany McIntosh of “I’m the Biggest Boss Conference” over claims she copied the rapper’s signature phrases to promote her conference for kid entrepreneurs, TMZ reports. Ross even notes how McIntosh used his hit songs “The Boss” and “Push It” to promote her upcoming conference in Houston.

The Maybach Music frontman notes his own “Boss Up Conference” he hosted at his mansion last month, where young entrepreneurs paid upwards of $25,000 to receive business gems from the rap mogul and his peers.

McIntosh’s event is being held in Houston on Oct. 13–16 and includes big names like Master P, Romeo Miller, Vivica Fox, and motivational speaker Eric Thomas. Ticket prices to the event go as low as $110 for virtual access to $5,300 for a VIP table.

Ross reportedly wanted to handle things with McIntosh amicably and avoid further litigation if she agreed to remove “Boss” from her event name and stop using his songs to promote the event. Ross’s legal team gave McIntosh until Oct. 5 to set things straight.

But instead of complying with Ross’ demands, McIntosh took to Facebook to post a 55-minute video blasting the rapper for allegedly agreeing to appear at the event before backing out days before and threatening legal action.

“Now I thought Rozay was a boss. I thought he was a boss?” McIntosh said.

“After these people gave me the runaround for months, we couldn’t even promote for months,” she continued. “They finally call me, ‘he’s not even going to do it.’ “

McIntosh provided receipts that allegedly show the communication she had with Ross and his team leading up to her conference. She’s now accusing the rapper of costing her “hundreds of thousands in sponsorships.”

“How you gon’ be a fraud and try to come for somebody that’s doing something for the community?” McIntosh quipped.

“What? I could have drug you for making me lose my sponsorship money. But I ain’t even cut like that.”

McIntosh is still going forward with her conference as planned and expects a sold-out event due to the heightened publicity. She also blasted Ross for calling her a copycat when his stage name is someone else’s real name.

“And the real Rick Ross. I can’t understand how somebody took a whole other man’s name,” McIntosh jokingly said. “And then try to come for you for a common word. His name is William … Roberts.”

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