The King Center Launches Nonviolence365 Online Workplace Edition Training

Course Brings Dr. King’s Philosophy of Nonviolence to Scale

Dr. Bernice A. King, CEO of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (The King Center) today announced the launch of Nonviolence365 (NV365) Online Workplace Edition, an abbreviated version of the NV365 Online Masterclass training designed specifically for businesses looking to expand their DEI&B training offerings.

“The Kingian philosophy of nonviolence has the power to help businesses achieve their goals and foster lasting inclusivity and belonging in the workplace,” said Dr. Bernice King. “For decades, The King Center has advanced the teachings of nonviolence, but today, our eyes are on the enterprise, as the workplace is woven into the fabric of our beloved community and has the power to create more equitable cultures at scale.”

Built on a 50+ year history as a leader in nonviolence training and education, this practical evidence-based online course is designed to build a foundational understanding of Dr. King’s principles of nonviolence and support businesses in reaching their DEI&B goals.

“This is not a lofty and unattainable dream. Businesses can achieve their goals. A thriving and successful business starts with an organizational culture built around respect, communication, empathy, inclusion and belonging, and that is what this dynamic learning experience is all about,” said Dr. Kelisha Graves, chief research, education, and programs officer for The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. “Nonviolence is not just a philosophy, it’s a way of life.”

According to a 2022 Ipsos survey, “most employed Americans feel having a sense of belonging at work means being treated fairly and respectfully, and that that belonging leads to higher productivity at work.”

This immersive and self-paced learning experience consists of 3.5 hours of interactive content which reveals a practical step-by-step approach to dealing with every day’s workplace challenges, problems and conflicts through the application of nonviolence concepts and the development of critical skills necessary to create cultures of belonging and inclusion – the pre-requisite to ensuring diversity.

Participants engage in training, discussions, and activities enhance communication and interpersonal problem-solving skills, and interrupt unconscious and implicit biases through the replication of real-life scenarios. Upon completion of the course, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

NV365 Online Workplace Edition features world-class instructors and practitioners of nonviolence, veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, and some of Dr. King’s most essential readings, speeches, and teachings.

To learn more about the Nonviolence365 Online: Workplace Edition please visit

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