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How to Craft an Impactful CV (Guardian)

There are lots of options available for you to choose the sections, running order and length of CV that will best fit your needs. Variations in formatting do not matter too much as long as the information is clearly labelled, structured and easy to read.

How to Stand Out In an Interview (Forbes)

Have a few questions already prepared. There is no reason to wait until the end of the interview. Instead, ask questions when it feels right. […] Treat the interview as a conversation you would have with family or friends. It should be a genuine, organic, collaborative, back-and-forth discussion.

Setting Boundaries With Co-Workers (The Cut)

Set the stage by saying [you’re] heading into a busy period and […] trying to be more disciplined. That way, you are letting [them] know what to expect, so your future [interactions] will be in context and, maybe more importantly, you are giving yourself a framework to feel more comfortable asserting control over your time.

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