Careers Counsel | Utilising Transferable Skills When Changing Careers

Utilising Transferable Skills When Changing Careers (Forbes)

[One] way to gain transferable skills is through networking. Networking with professionals in your field can give you insights into the industry. You can also join professional organisations related to your area of interest, [which] often offer training and development opportunities that can help you learn new skills.

Effectively Reaching Out on Linkedin (Entrepreneur)

Your message should contain a hook to garner attention. Once you have [that], briefly introduce yourself and share any relevant credentials that will support your capabilities as a professional. Enquire about their background and goals, and then it’s safe to move into the pitch section of the conversation.

How to Approach CV Building (Business Insider)

Make your CV […] functional by pointing out what you consider your top skills and [consider] how you have put them to use in a hybrid environment, in a way that is relevant to the job or the company to which you are applying.

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