Nike Announces 2025 Targets for Diversity and Sustainability

On Wednesday, the sportswear company announced that for the first time it will tie executive compensation to progress in diversity and sustainability targets. The news came as part of the release of its 2020 impact report, which provided updates on company targets as well as strategy plans for the future.

Its new 2025 targets include seeing women in 45 percent and racial minorities in 35 percent of leadership roles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent in Nike-owned facilities and multiplying the amount of product waste recycled or donated, among other goals.

Nike provided several updates on its sustainability and diversity targets, including the use of 100 percent renewable energy in facilities in the US and Canada, as well as nearly 50 percent representation of women across the country globally. John Donahoe, president and CEO at Nike, stated “We’re proud of the successes we’ve seen, but we know the work is still just beginning.”

The impact report has claimed to have seen progress throughout the supply chain through enhancing renewable energy and diverting manufacturing waste from landfill. Nike also met the FY20 target by reducing freshwater use in textile dyeing and finishing suppliers by 30 percent.

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