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From innovations changing fashion to navigating turmoil in the wider world, BoF VOICES, our annual gathering for big thinkers, is a platform to discussing the forces shaping the globe today.

“It was stimulating, it was educational, it was absolutely inspiring,” said BoF editor-at-large Tim Blanks, reflecting on the highlights from day one of BoF VOICES 2021, along with Janaya Future Khan and Halima Aden who shared their own learnings and reflections from the days talks.

On this week’s episode of The BoF Podcast, we revisit Khan and Aden’s conversation with Blanks about the evolution of community in the metaverse and representation in the fashion industry.

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Additional Resources:

  • VOICES 2021: Navigating Turmoil in the Wider World: In the first session of BoF’s annual gathering, speakers including Vivienne Westwood and Janaya Future Khan addressed the climate crisis, stakeholder capitalism, an antidote for cultural appropriation, what activism really means and the loneliness epidemic.
  • VOICES 2021: The Fashion System’s Push to Evolve: In the second session of BoF’s annual gathering, Balenciaga CEO Cedric Charbit, Ellen MacArthur, Tommy Hilfiger and others addressed virtual fashion, circularity and forging authentic collaborations. Elle announced it would stop publishing images of animal fur.
  • VOICES 2021: Innovations Changing Fashion: In the third session of BoF’s annual gathering, Merlin Sheldrake, Ian Rogers, Wayne McGregor and others examined mycelium-based leather, virtual clothing, cyber threats and AI.

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