Urban Outfitters to Carry Parade Underwear

The direct-to-consumer intimates brand will be stocked in 25 Urban Outfitters stores and on its website starting Aug. 1, the company announced Monday. It marks Parade’s first partnership with a third-party retailer.

As part of the arrangement, Parade will be releasing an exclusive 18-piece collection of bralettes and underwear.

“At Parade, we’ve been incredibly selective in identifying a retail partner to expand our footprint into the offline underwear category,” Cami Tellez, Parade founder and chief executive, said in a statement.

Parade joins a growing number of brands, both digital natives and traditional wholesale labels, to increase exposure in wholesale as the e-commerce boom slows down.

Wholesale has the potential to allow Parade to acquire a new customer base, and increase their share of the underwear market outside of e-commerce, more effectively challenging Victoria Secret’s market dominance.

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