Zara to Launch Repair, Resale Platform in UK

The fast fashion giant will launch a “pre-owned” offering in November, joining a growing number of big brands experimenting with such services.

The move is a step forward in the brand’s sustainability strategy and is intended to offer customers a full suite of options to extend the life of their old Zara garments, said Paula Ampuero, head of sustainability at

The platform, which launches in the UK on Nov. 3, will offer repair services, a peer-to-peer resale marketplace or an option to donate unwanted clothes.

The announcement comes as brands are piling in to the fast-growing secondhand market, testing the business opportunity and seeking to benefit from a green marketing glow. Earlier this week, ultra-fast-fashion giant Shein launched its own resale offering.

Zara’s service isn’t intended to generate profit and there are no current plans to expand into other markets, said Ampuero.

“We have started in the UK because it’s a key market. It’s very important for us and the customers in the UK are very demanding,” she said. “This is starting point; we’ll see how it evolves.”

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