Korean Mobile Game Partnerships : braver together

‘Cookie Run: Kingdom,’ the popular gingerbread cookie-themed mobile RPG created by Devsisters, announced the ‘Braver Together’ update for Fall 2022. The main notable aspect of this update is the developer’s new collaboration with BTS, the Korean pop star group that frequently tops charts internationally. BTS has grown to foster a massive group of online fans that call themselves the “Army,” leading to frequent BTS inserts in other forms of pop culture.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, BTS will be transformed into collectible gingerbread cookie characters that resemble the members of the band. These characters will be introduced through a brief story that sees the members of BTS transported into the world of Bangtan, the fictional world that the mobile game takes place in.

It is important to note that, to fully enhance and collect each member of BTS in Cookie Run: Kingdom, real money-based in-game currency may be required.

Image Credit: Devsisters

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