10 Of The Best Waxed Jackets For Fashion Lovers and Fisherman Alike (2022 Edition)

Once the protective uniform of Scottish fishermen during the 15th century, men’s waxed jackets are now respected as much for function as they are for fashion. Rugged yet refined, they’re the ultimate outdoor staple—looking just as good on weekend hikes as they do for lunch outings with friends. Add one to your fashion arsenal, and you’ll never worry about falling stylishly short in bad weather ever again.

Whether you’re searching for the best waxed jackets or simply want to sharpen your sartorial knowledge, this guide has everything you need to know. We’ve explained what to look for when buying a waxed jacket and rounded up the very best money can buy. Keep reading for our top picks from brands such as Belstaff, Barbour, and Reiss.


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Tough and timeless, Huckberry’s trucker jacket has it all. It’s kind of unsurprising, seeing as the brand has specialized in quality outdoor gear since 2010. This one, in particular, is made in the USA from waxed and weather-resistant Martexin 7 oz sailcloth. Your movements will eventually lighten the color in the creases and bends. The end result is a unique garment bursting with character. It’s fair to say this waxed jacket gets better with age.

A versatile choice for country walks and social events, team it with wool knitwear and flannel shirts, or even a short-sleeved tee on milder days. The sleeves are fully lined with a soft blanket fabric that feels great on the skin.

Material: 7oz Martexin Waxed Sailcloth | Colors available: Brown, Tan, Gray, + | Sizes available: XS-XXXL | Style: Trucker Jacket

If you’ve watched the movie ‘The King’s Man,’ you’ll probably recognize this waxed jacket. It was stylishly worn by Conrad Oxford, played by Harris Dickinson. Modeled on traditional motorcycling designs, it’s made from green waxed cotton that’s durable enough to handle plenty of wear. 

It’s embellished with engraved gold-tone buttons and four flap pockets big enough to hold your phone, wallet, and keys. Plus, a belt that can be fastened or left to hang. Take inspiration from Mr. Oxford and team yours with a roll-neck jumper, trousers, and Chelsea boots.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Green | Sizes available: XS-XXXL | Style: Belted Jacket

Other than using fine craftsmanship and sourcing the best fabrics, how do you ensure an awesome waxed jacket? You ask for a little help from the guys who have been making them since the 19th century, of course. 

If you hadn’t guessed already, that’s exactly what Todd Synder did. By teaming up with British Millerain (the original manufacturer of waxed cotton outerwear and the world’s leading specialist), they produced this absolute stunner. It mixes traditional British fabric with an all-American silhouette, creating a stylish yet functional jacket. It’s guaranteed to help brighten up your cold-weather wardrobe.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Brown, Olive | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Style: Trucker Jacket

Established in England in 1924, Belstaff has created rugged yet elegant men’s outerwear for almost 100 years. The brand’s jackets are known for their unmatched quality—boasting style and durability that’ll last you years.

This ‘Fieldbrook’ style is crafted from oiled crosta leather and reinforced at pressure points to preserve its shape. The moto-inspired shoulder panels and large patch pockets lend a touch of masculinity that looks great with dark denim and leather boots.

Material: 100% Calf Leather | Colors available: Camel | Sizes available: XS-XXXXL | Style: Field Jacket

Wax is a family-run label inspired by the places, faces, and stories that surround them. The Navarino is named after an East London street, where you’ll find the brand’s frequented drinking hole. This is quite fitting, as this jacket is a great choice for trips to the city and days hitting your favorite bars. 

Lightweight yet shower-proof, the wax cotton fabric is crease-resistant. And noise-resistant thanks to the rattle-free silver snaps. Wear yours with a crew neck T-shirt, cropped pants, and sneakers. If you’re feeling fancy, pop the collar to show off the Japanese block print underneath.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Camel | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Style: Raincoat

Buck Mason is somewhat of a specialist when it comes to creating durable staples that will last beyond a single season. The label’s Highland jacket will certainly keep you warm for many winters to come. It’s made from a durable 14oz canvas with a water-repellent waxed finish to shelter you from pesky condensation. And the blanket flannel lining offers the kind of coziness you won’t ever want to take off. 

This waxed jacket is on the heavy side, so it’s not recommended during the warmer months. It’s the perfect option for outdoor adventures but smart enough to keep you company during late-night walks home from the bar. 

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Olive, Black | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Style: Chore Coat

Okay, so it’s not the cheapest men’s waxed jacket we could have found, but hear us out… In terms of value for money, you can’t get much better. Built to withstand the harshest winters and everyday wear, Barbour’s waxed jackets are top of the pile. As durable as they are timeless, they’ll last you years and save you from forking out cash for another one multiple times in the future.

This one is about as classic as it gets. Made from waxed cotton with a corduroy collar and checkered lining, it’ll be your go-to for country strolls and cold commutes. Layer it over a wool jumper, and finish the look with selvedge denim and smart-casual footwear.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Green | Sizes available: M-XXL | Style: Jacket

Ralph Lauren is known for its preppy wardrobe staples. But they’ve had no trouble producing a classic waxed jacket suitable for the great outdoors. Made from a Scottish cotton fabric coated with a layer of wax, this vintage-inspired piece comes complete with a range of classic details, including snapped pockets and a detachable hood. For bike lovers, there are even straps on the back of the hood to secure a motorist’s goggles.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Black | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Style: Belted Jacket

This men’s waxed jacket from Reiss perfectly embraces British heritage and embodies classic English country style. It’s handcrafted in Private White V.C’s nineteenth-century factory, using rich waxed cotton and cozy wool lining.

An excellent option for winter, it comes with a functional belt that can be tightly tied for extra warmth. We suggest wearing it as the Brits intended: with a chunky roll neck jumper, jeans, and lace-up boots. A flat cap and walking stick are optional…

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Khaki | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Style: Belted Jacket

As the roaring heat of summer retreats and the days start to turn cooler, you’ll soon require a versatile jacket. How else will you navigate the tricky art of trans-seasonal dressing? Step forward, Belstaff and the Hedger overshirt.

Made from breathable waxed cotton, it acts as a stylish outerwear piece that gives you an extra layer of protection from bad weather. Team it with a crew neck tee, chinos, and sneakers while it’s sunny. And as the temperature drops, throw on a sweater, jeans, and boots.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Green, Black, Purple | Sizes available: XS-XXXL | Style: Overshirt

What to Look For When Searching For The Best Waxed Jackets


The best waxed jackets are made from cotton that’s been treated with beeswax or paraffin. This makes them impervious to rain and a trusty companion for outdoor escapades. Wax jackets typically feature a patterned lining and a corduroy or leather collar. However, designs will differ depending on the brand.


How your jacket fits is a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, they should be tailored enough to flatter but loose enough for optimum movement and comfort. Waxed jackets are typically worn while you’re on the move, so it’s important to choose a fit that’s comfortable. Bear in mind that waxed jackets don’t tend to stretch, so remember this when picking your size.

man standing in front of grass wearing a waxed jacket, blue jeans and boots
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Men’s waxed jackets are available in a variety of designs. Which one you choose will depend on your style and the season. For a timeless look that will take you from hiking to weekend lunches, opt for a classic version from brands such as Barbour. For something a little more fashion-forward, modern styles such as Belstaff’s waxed overshirt are great.


    • One of the oldest materials in the world, waxed canvas is a unique material that’s both practical and durable. It’s densely woven from cotton and saturated with wax for an extra layer of protection from the weather. The quality and strength of canvas are determined by the thickness of the yarn and the density of the weave. Its water-resistant qualities were extremely popular with English and Scottish sailors in the early nineteenth century.  

      • If it looks like the glory days are over for your waxed jacket, don’t panic; it’s nothing a little tender love and care can’t fix. Regularly cleaning your garment will enhance its appearance and improve its lifespan.

        To clean a waxed cotton jacket, start by using a clean rag to remove as much loose dust or dirt as possible. Next, sponge wipe it with cold (not hot) water. Avoid using any kind of soap or the washing machine; this will strip the jacket of its wax coating.

        After washing is complete, hang it up in a well-ventilated area to dry. You are then ready to start the reproofing process. Take your jacket and lay it on a flat surface, and warm your wax until it turns to liquid.

        Using an old cloth or sponge, work the melted wax into the jacket—paying particular attention to seams, creases, and dry patches. Wipe off any excess. To ensure an extra smooth finish, you may wish to blow over the jacket with a hairdryer. This will help even the spread of wax. Remember not to do this too closely because it may cause the wax to run.

        • There’s nothing quite like a waxed cotton jacket for beating back the elements. However, once warmer weather arrives, it can start getting a little stuffy. This is, of course, if you opt for one of the classic heavier versions. Although it wouldn’t be our first choice of outerwear for the sunny seasons, a lightweight waxed jacket is perfectly suitable. Not only will it keep you warm on cooler days, but you’ll be prepared for any unwelcome showers that may take you by surprise. 

          • The invention of men’s waxed jackets was the result of the ingenuity of Scottish seafarers. Being out on the ocean left them at the mercy of the rain, wind, and waves. Survival was dependent on protective clothing. So they started to treat their flax canvas sailcloth with fish oils and, eventually, linseed oil. This prevented the cloth from becoming soaked while keeping it light and efficient in strong winds.

            Over time, demand for lighter, more efficient cloth grew. The cotton sailcloth evolved from the heavy-duty flax to have finer yarns and stronger two-fold construction. This made them more amenable for use in outerwear. It was during the 1700s that a weaving mill called Francis Webster Ltd began to weave cotton and perfect the art of treating it. 

            Webster’s cotton was quickly adopted by the Royal Navy and early tea clippers. But, it was soon apparent that linseed oil was far from ideal—it turned yellow over time and cracked in cold conditions. As a result, British Millerain, an established cotton finishing company, set to work to overcome this problem. They pioneered the development of paraffin-based waxed cotton, offering greater weather resistance and breathability. And we’re glad they did.

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