12 Of The Best Hair Putty Options to Get You Through 2022

These days, men’s hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the length of your mane, you can add a little pizzazz with the right styling product.

While once upon a time, gloopy gels were the only thing on the menu. But now, there’s no end to hair styling choices for men.

If you’re looking to ‘tame that mane’ all day with a more natural look, the best hair putty is the way to go. The best hair putty is strong, versatile, and makes your hair look uber stylish for hours on end.

But, with so many men’s hair putty products, how do you know which ones to trust?

The answer: we’re going to tell you. Read on to find out all about the best men’s hair products for the modern gent (we’ll also tell you how to pick the right one for you). 

There are countless men’s hair products available today. But, if you’re looking for a super strong hold and a matte finish, the best hair putty is what you need in your life. That said, here are the best putties for your browsing pleasure.


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As an award-winning styling product, Pete & Pedro is a sweet-smelling concoction with a mane-taming formula. The best hair putty for a textured style, this beeswax-infused bad boy offers a fresh matte finish without the greasiness. The branding is pretty cool too.

Hair type: Normal | Size: 2oz | Hold: Strong

Pete & Pedro Strong Hold

What we like

  • The head-turning scent
  • The luscious beeswax infusion
What we don’t like

  • Some guys might want something a little milder 

Fatboy’s putty will make your hair nice and plump. A little dollop goes a long way, meaning you can enjoy a long-lasting hold and a head-turning matte finish. An amazing matte putty for every type of hair and lifestyle (the green tea scent is pretty moreish, too).

Hair type: Normal | Size: 2.6oz | Hold: Firm

Fatboy Perfect Putty

What we like

  • The volumizing powers
  • The classic matte finish
What we don’t like

  • Not everyone likes green tea

The smell of Garnier Fructis is irresistible—it’s like standing in a sweet shop in the middle of a botanical garden. This affordable option is the best hair putty that smells awesome and boasts a firm-hold matte finish that stands up against some of the more premium products on our list. It’s not called ‘Surfer Hair’ for no reason. 

Hair type: Normal to Frizzy | Size: 3.4oz | Hold: Strong

Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Surfer Hair

What we like

  • The choppy, texturizing finish
  • The smile-making signature scent
What we don’t like

  •  Guys with very flat or thin hair might need something a little stronger

Made for salty sea dogs and landlubbers alike, this firm hold putty from the Old Spice gang has magic hydrating powers. Designed for a long-lasting natural hold and finished with a coconut scent, this is a  great option for gents with dry hair. Gar!

Hair type: Dry | Size: 2.2oz | Hold: Strong

Old Spice Hair Styling Putty For Men

What we like

  • The classic Old Spice aroma
  • The solid hold and sheer reliability
What we don’t like

  • Not everyone is a fan of Old Spice

Yes, an anti-dandruff (and still) best hair putty does exist. If you have a dry, sensitive, or flaky scalp, this irritation-free product is the one for you. Plus, it comes with a light floral scent and a solid hold for fellas with short to medium-length hair. A great scalp-friendly addition to our best men’s hair putty list.

Hair type: Flaky and Sensitive | Size: 3oz | Hold: Medium to Strong

Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Texturizing Putty for Men

What we like

  • The scalp cleansing anti-dandruff ingredients
  • The long-lasting hold
What we don’t like

  • This doesn’t add as much volume as some products on the list

Unscented with an understated shine, this handy best hair putty from Cremo will add plenty of volume to thin or fine hair. The strong, reliable hold is infused with barber-grade ingredients to keep your do in place for hours on end. Add a bit of this to your head, and your lifeless hair will go from feeble to ‘Fonz’ in an instant.

Hair type: Thin or Fine | Size: 4oz | Hold: High

Cremo Premium Barber Grade Hair Styling Thickening Paste

What we like

  • The lavish texture and feel
  • The putty’s hair shaping strength
What we don’t like

  • This is a little shinier than some other matte-style putties

If you like a more natural style rather than a slick, cropped look, this product from AXE is worth a try. With a matte finish and a medium hold, this punchy little paste has a fresh scent and ingredients that add texture to every hair type.

Hair type: Normal | Size: 2.64oz | Hold: Medium

AXE Styling Flexible Hair Paste

What we like

  • The fresh fruity smell
  • The fact that a little goes a long way
What we don’t like

  • Some fellas might prefer a firmer hold

A clay-like concoction with a subtle scent and a balanced medium hold that goes for miles, this is a no-nonsense putty that gets the job done. Just a little dab goes a long way. If you want something as reliable as a Honda Civic, this is the putty you need in your life.

Hair type: Normal | Size: 2.5oz | Hold: Medium

Harry's Texturizing Putty

What we like

  • The clay-like texture
  • The hair-boosting value for money
What we don’t like

  • Not everyone will like a clay-like texture

This pine-scented vegan number is ideal for longer hairstyles. MITCH offers an invisible ‘zero product’ style finish and a mightier hold than Thor’s Hammer. The best hair putty for flowing dos that bounce off the head with pride is here.

Hair type: Medium to Long | Size: 3oz | Hold: Strong

Paul Mitchell MITCH reformer Texturizing Hair Putty for Men

What we like

  • The incredibly natural styling effect
  • The strength and reliability
What we don’t like

  • This doesn’t offer any extra shine

Not every guy has hair as thick as a tree trunk. If you’re a fella with thin, thinning, or brittle hair, Eufora Hero has a firm-hold formula that’s kind and gentle to your follicles. So, if your main aim is keeping your hair on your head while sporting some kind of style, this is the paste for you.

Hair type: Weak or Brittle | Size: 2oz | Hold: Strong

Eufora Hero for Men Texture Putty

What we like

  • The hair conditioning and strengthening ingredients
  • The understated scent
What we don’t like

  • Some guys might want something a little more subtle

Not every fella wants their hair to smell like fruit or flowers, which is why unscented putties are so popular. This scent-free concoction from L-Oreal Paris Studio allows you to mold your hair into pretty much every shape imaginable—the hold lasts all day too. Nice.

Hair type: Normal to Frizzy | Size: 1.7oz | Hold: Medium to Strong

L'oreal Paris Studio Line Texture and Control Overworked Hair Putty

What we like

  • The hair shaping tone and texture
  • The fact that it’s easy to apply
What we don’t like

  • Some gentlemen like a little scent in their putty

Our best hair putty overall, Bed Head by TIGI, suits every hair type and styling aspiration. With a firm hold, a classic matte-satin finish, and an irresistible tropically fruity scent, this putty is a real allrounder. A couple of dollops are enough to achieve your dream do, and it’s pretty kind to your scalp too. Genius.

Hair type: Normal (all) | Size: 1.06oz (three tubs) | Hold: Firm

Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator texturizing Putty

What we like

  • The awesome scent and lavish texture
  • The premium hair-sculpting properties
What we don’t like

  • If you’re looking for a scent that’s a little more subtle, this might not be for you

What to look for When Buying The Best Hair Putty For Men

Now that you know all about the best men’s hair putty money can buy, we’ll show you what to look for. Work through these tips, then pick your perfect mane-taming product.

Hair type

First of all, when choosing a hair putty, you should consider your hair type.

Men’s hair putty comes in many strengths and consistencies. So, if you have thin, flat hair, you’ll need something a little more heavy-duty. If your hair is mighty like Samson’s, something a little lighter will do the trick.

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If you’re the type of guy who likes to slicken up your style several times a day, going big with the best hair putty is a good idea.

Getting a larger tub or tube of the best hair putty will save you time and money in the long run. This rule also applies if your hair styling regime commands a large dollop of putty every time.


If your hair is prone to falling flat within hours or you have an intricate style, you should go for a stronger hold.

On the flip side, if your hair is a little more compliant and you’re looking for a natural look, a mild hold is your best bet.

Hair length

When it comes to hair length, the same general ‘hold’ rule applies: shorter styles will benefit from a firmer hold, while a lighter putty is perfect for longer dos.

The only exception here is long or medium hairdos with a slicked-back style. In this case, opting for something a little firmer will do the trick.


    • Hair putty is one of the world’s most popular men’s styling products. Most men’s hair putty is water-soluble and acts like wax, except it offers a more matte or natural finish.

      One of the best things about men’s hair putty is that it offers a solid, long-lasting hold without making your hair feel gunky.

      • To get the best results from your hair putty, follow these steps:

        1. Lightly towel dry your hair until it’s damp
        2. Grab a raisin-sized dollop of putty and rub it into your fingertips
        3. Apply it to your hair evenly, working from the scalp to the tips
        4. Style your hair into its desired shape
        5. Add a little water to your hands or apply a little more putty to the tips to lock your style in
        • The main difference between hair putty and hair paste is that it’s softer. It’s also a little thicker and firmer than putty.

          While paste offers a slicker, shinier barbered look, putty is great for a more natural, textured style. So if you’re looking for a do with volume, texture, and a more matte finish, putty is the product for you.

          • Yes. If you have fine, weak, or thinning hair, a small amount of paste will give you plenty of styling options without harming your follicles.

            Hair putty is very versatile. It’ll add volume without the wear and tear, ideal for fellas with finer hair. Plus, you get a more natural matte finish.

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