8 Of The Best Collar Stays To Help Your Shirts Looking Sharp (2022 Edition)

If dressing well is all in the details, then the state of your collar is essential. Different types of collars frame the face, and a curled or wilted one only draws the eye in, distracting from the rest of your look that you’ve worked hard to put together. A collar stay provides endless structure irons can’t compete with.

Fortunately, looking sharp is effortless with the best collar stays. These small strips of material may be invisible to outsiders, but their effect is clear. A crisp collar helps you put your best foot forward, so you don’t have to fidget or fret throughout the day.  

But collar stays aren’t just exclusive to tuxedos or even suits. Magnetic and adhesive stays work for all collared shirts. Even for polos, a collar stay guarantees a refined look. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be the sharpest dressed guy on the golf course or at the bar. 

The best collar stays are the unsung hero of a great collared shirt. So keep reading to discover the eight best collar stays your hard-earned money can buy. A crisp collar is just a scroll away.


wurkinstiffs / Instagram

It’s all in the name. Nearly 3,000 positive Amazon reviewers can attest to the durability of Quality Stays collar stays. Rigorously inspected and forged in stainless steel, these stays don’t mess around. 

We love them because they arrive in a handy sapphire box that’s easy to transport. Plus, all 36 stays are customizable. Get them all in one size or a variety-style package. The ability to choose from different sizes according to your shirt makes Quality Stays highly versatile. The accessible price point doesn’t hurt, either. 

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about getting through TSA, try their highly-rated plastic variety.

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 2.2”, 2.5”, 2.75”, 3”

Quality Stays Stainless Steel Collar Stays for Men

Uniquely patented thanks to success on Shark Tank, Würkin Stiffs collar stays are the first of their kind to use magnetics for securing a collar. Not even the densest of metals can guarantee a perfectly placed collar quite like these flex-back plastic stays. The secret is they’re held together by the force of a magnet.

Simply insert the stay into the pocket and slip the magnet underneath your shirt. These stays are easy to adjust and work for all types of shirts, not just the ones with special pockets. Snag this pair of two and choose daily between 2 and 2.5 inches. 

Material: Plastic Magnetic | Size: 2”, 2.5”

Würkin Stiffs Plastic Magnetic Collar Stays

Purists might tell you metal collar stays are the best in terms of durability and strength. Moulet would agree, and their dress collar inserts track record proves they do a superb job. 3,500 reviews make Moulet premium inserts an Amazon’s Choice. 

Ideally, every guy should have a box of Moulet in their closet because each one comes with multiple stays in four different lengths to cover all of your bases. With 56 in a pack, you can designate a stay to every one of your shirts or share them with friends. Each collar stay is polished smooth so the edges won’t rip or poke.

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 2.2”, 2.35”, 2.5”., 2.75”

Moulet Premium Dress Collar Inserts

Handmade in Italy and crafted from Australian mother of pearl, Lorenzi Milano collar stays aren’t a bargain. But sometimes, you’re looking for something luxe, and these gorgeous stays are worth every penny. 

Each set comes with two convenient stays, one narrow and one wide. You also get to choose between two colors—white or cream. When you’re not using them, slide them into the sleek leather case provided, and rest assured these elegant stays will last a lifetime. 

Material: Mother of Pearl | Size: Not Specified  

Lorenzi Milano Mother of Pearl Collar Stays

For the best collar stays, plastic usually isn’t the first choice. But these Mench collar stays are crafted in durable plastic three times thicker than competitive brands, securing their rightful place on this list. 

In terms of price point, this set of 100 stays is unbelievably affordable. And if you travel a lot, these plastic stays are TSA and are a great disposable option. Mench offers the most variety, too, with five sizing options between 2 and 3 inches. 

Material: Plastic | Size: 2”, 2.2”, 2.5”, 2.7”, 3”

Mench Plastic Collar Stays

Unlike the strip variety, Fashion Anchor collar stays are small and circular silicone stickies that easily prop up a collar. This also makes them great for casual wear like polos and other softer shirts that may not have built-in stay pockets. 

Each order comes with 36 disposable strips 14 times stronger than regular tape. Easily slide the thin sheets of stickies into your toiletries kit. In a pinch, they also work well as a hidden button on a button-down shirt—added bonus. 

Material: Silicone | Size: 1 x 1 x 1”

Fashion Anchor Collar Stays for Men

When it comes to collar stays, performance matters most. But the vintage look of these embossed brass stays is appealing. Luckily, Wurkin Stiffs provides a superior product that can also make an attractive gift.

This pack includes 10 brass stays in 2”, 2.5”, and 2.75” sizes. The rounded tips mean this heavy-duty metal is unlikely to snag your clothing or your skin. And the weight of brass is sure to anchor down the edge of the collar, so there’s no chance of curling. 

Material: Brass | Size: 2”, 2.5”, 2.75”

Assorted Size Brass Collar Stays by Würkin Stiffs

You never know when you’ll need a thread cutter, bottle opener, half-Philips, or even a slotted screwdriver—especially while well dressed. Exuvius collar stays have you covered. Technically, the measurement design means it acts as a ruler as well, albeit a tiny one. 

Because it’s made of titanium, this durable metal is actually TSA friendly, so it’s perfect for your travel carry-on. Give this kitschy yet practical little tool as a gift, or keep one for yourself. You deserve it. 

Material: Titanium | Size: 2.5” 

Exuvius Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stay

What To Look For When Buying The Best Collar Stay


The more durable the material, the better it will uphold your collar and the longer it will last in general. Stainless steel, brass, gold, and other metals provide the best structure. Plastic, on the other hand, is rather flimsy, though it makes a good disposable option. If you go the plastic route, choose extremely thick or flex-back, so they don’t break. 

Wood organizational tie, watch, collar stay shelf
dapperwoodworks / Instagram


The length of your collar stays depends entirely on your shirt, though too short is better than too long, so the stays don’t stick out. Most are within 2-3 inches in length. Ideally, you’ll want to choose stays that come with more than one sizing option or come in a convenient variety pack. 


Most collar stays are thin strips that fit into the designated pocket on a shirt collar. However, some can be round and sticky, making them perfect for all types of shirts. Lately, the magnetic variety has become popular, and each strip pairs back to a small, circular magnet that secures under the shirt. All work well, so choosing boils down to personal preference.


    • Collar stays are hidden strips of material that prop up a collar in a desirable fashion. They are often made of either plastic or metal and fit into a built-in pocket underneath the collar leaf.

      • To use a collar stay:

        1. Flip up your collar and place the stay inside of the collar leaf.
        2. If your stay is silicone, press it to the shirt and pinch it between the shirt and collar.
        3. For magnetic stays, secure the strip inside the leaf and place the magnet under the shirt against your skin or undershirt. 

        • Collar stays use their width and weight to prop up a collar to prevent wilting or curling. Silicone or magnetic varieties use sticky attraction to keep the collar tips pressed down flat.

          • Typically, men wear collar stays with a tuxedo or other dress shirt. But the magnetic and adhesive variety of collar stays work well on any shirt collar that needs straightening. Fancier shirts even come with a built-in pocket meant explicitly for a collar stay.

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