8 Of The Best Hair Growth Products For Men: Your Next Step To Luscious Locks (Updated 2022)

Let’s face it, losing your hair is no laughing matter. While many fellas look incredible with that slick shorn-headed look, it’s not preferable for most.

Wanting to keep your mane thick, healthy, and, well, on your head for as long as possible is only natural (like breathing or dancing to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ while drunk at a nightclub). The good news is there are hair growth products for men that actually help.

The best hair growth products for men are kind to the scalp. They contain ingredients that fortify existing hair strands, slow down growth cycles, and stimulate weak or dormant hair follicles.

Before we proceed, gentlemen, it’s worth noting that there is no definitive cure for baldness or balding (except a full-on hair transplant). But the products on our list are intended to help halt hair recession or thinning while aiding new growth. 

Basically, if you’re from a long line of fully bald men, your head will likely follow suit in the end (though you can slow down the process). However, if you’re thinning or receding, these products could save your proverbial bacon and breathe a new lease on life into the hair you still have.

With so many hair growth products for men on the market, knowing which one to choose is a tricky venture. But never fear because we’re here to save the day with our essential best hair growth products for men list.

Each hair growth product for men contains a slightly different set of ingredients and works in a slightly different way. Take the time to explore each hair-maximizing offering to see which one you think will work best for you and your specific needs.


Flat lay of a watch, best hair growth products for men and a coffee

Yes, Nutrafol has made it back onto our best hair growth products for men list. Given the full thumbs up by leading dermatologists and clinically tested, Nutrafol’s hair activator serum has a proven track record of hair stimulating success among men of all backgrounds and hair types. This vegan elixir is fast-acting as it absorbs directly into the follicles, allowing the healthy blend of powerful yet natural hair-boosting ingredients to weave their magic. After 90 or so days of daily use, you’re likely to have thicker, stronger, more buoyant hair while seeing signs of fresh growth.

Product Type: Serum | Active Ingredient: Sea Buckthorn, Moringa| Weight: 1.7oz | Hair Type: All

What we like

  • The fast-acting easy to apply serum
  • The dermatologically approved status
What we don’t like

  • Not everyone is a fan of a serum for long term use

The title gives it away, but this hair growth product for men is endorsed by leading dermatologists. Nutrafol is a punchy little pill designed to make your hair thicker, fuller, and stronger. 72% of gents using Nutrafol confirmed improved scalp coverage after six months of use (we like those numbers). And with clinically proven natural ingredients like Saw Palmetto in the mix, your chances of seeing any unwanted side effects are minimal. Oh, and you’ll be happy to know these pills won’t impact your sexual performance.

Product Type: Supplement | Active Ingredient: Saw Palmetto| Weight: 124 Capsules Per Bottle | Hair Type: All

What we like

  • The convenient consumption method
  • The clinically-proven natural ingredients
What we don’t like

  • Some fellas might prefer a product they can apply directly to the scalp

We couldn’t create the best hair growth products for men list and not include a decent dose of Rogaine. Designed for daily use, this hard-hitting substance contains 5% of Minoxidil. It’s been known to produce visible results in as little as three months. If you’re thinning quite considerably and need to take swift action, Rogaine is likely to do the trick. But, if you have a sensitive or dry scalp, proceed with caution as this product can result in burning or irritation.

Product Type: Supplement | Active Ingredient: Minoxidil 5%| Weight: 2oz x 3| Hair Type: All (guys with very sensitive scalps should avoid)

What we like

  • The hard-hitting, fast-acting nature of the product
  • The professional hair specialist and dermatologist endorsement
What we don’t like

  • This is strong and can cause burning or irritation. Some gents might prefer something a little more natural

An all-natural hair growth serum that comes with a neat pipette for easy application. It’s said that a few drops of this elixir a day will keep the hair monsters away. Plop a few drops onto a clean scalp and massage for two to three minutes. You should see a cleaner, less oily scalp as well as thicker, fuller hair within three to six months. 

Product Type: Serum | Active Ingredient: Zingiber Officinale | Weight: 1.2oz | Hair Type: Oily

VOTALA Hair Growth Serum

What we like

  • The melting pot of effective natural ingredients
  • The neat application pipette
What we don’t like

  • Some fellas might want something a bit more hard-hitting

This neat hair growth product for men gives fellas looking to boost their mane an entire daily routine. The snazzy system encourages blood circulation, stimulates follicle growth, and strengthens existing strands. A triple threat if ever we saw one. With a ball-style applicator, serum, and scalp massager, this Minoxidil and Biotin-based product is effective and also contains a mix of natural ingredients that will leave you feeling fresh.

Product Type: Serum & roller | Active Ingredient: Minoxidil, Biotin| Weight: 1oz | Hair Type: All

THAPPINK Derma Roller Hair Kit

What we like

  • The effective mix of hair-boosting applicators
  • The follicle-stimulating scalp roller
What we don’t like

  • Time-strapped guys might want to use something a little simpler or less time-consuming

This luscious, mostly natural hair serum is a fine addition to our hair growth products for men list. Armed with caffeine, red clover extract, and a blend of other revered hair-boosting ingredients, this aromatic formula works well on color-treated hair. You’re also likely to see thicker, healthier hair in around four weeks, with some additional growth in up to six months.

Product Type: Serum | Active Ingredient: Caffeine, Red Clover Extract | Weight: 2.1oz | Hair Type: Color Treated

What we like

  • The aromatic scent and fresh feel
  • The hair thickening blend of ingredients
What we don’t like

  • Men in need of a hard-hitting product might benefit from something else on our list

A sweet-smelling all-natural shampoo that’s ideal for curly and Afro-Caribbean hair. The Mane Choice is particularly effective for volumizing your mane while hydrating and fortifying existing follicles. But, its solid blend of natural hair-boosting ingredients, including Biotin and a healthy dose of various vitamins, can also promote new growth. It’s kind on the wallet, too.

Product Type: Shampoo | Active Ingredient: Biotin & vitamins | Weight: 8oz | Hair Type: Color Treated

What we like

  • The scalp-kind mix of sweet-smelling ingredients
  • Its positive impact on curly and Afro-Caribbean hair
What we don’t like

  • This is more focused on boosting existing hair growth, and it may not do the trick for guys with excessive hair thinning 

This impactful DHT blocker supplement with natural vegetarian ingredients packs a real hair-boosting punch. With a liberal dollop of Biotin and Saw Palmetto in every capsule, this twice-a-day supplement is likely to give you a thicker, more glowing mane of hair. Rumor has it you’ll be showing early signs of new growth in as little as 90 days. Oh, and as an added bonus, these handy hair-boosting supplements will also make your skin and nails look healthier.

Product Type: Supplement | Active Ingredient: Biotin & Saw Palmetto| Weight: 60 capsules | Hair Type: All

Hairo Nutrition DHT Blocker Supplement

What we like

  • The fast-acting formula adds skin and nail health-boosting properties
  • The product’s ease and convenience
What we don’t like

  • Not everyone is keen on taking supplements and might prefer a more topical product (one with an attractive scent, perhaps)

What to Look for When Searching for The Best Hair Growth Products for Men

Now that you know what’s out there on the market, here are a few additional tips to help you pick the best hair regrowth product for your specific needs. Use these helpful hints to make a perfect choice. Then choose a great new hairdo, and you’re sure to prevail over male pattern baldness.

Product type

Depending on the extent of your hair loss, daily grooming routine, and preferences, there may be a product type that suits your needs best.

Some come in the form of oils that you apply with a pipette. Some come as shampoos or mousses. Others come in a neat little pill that you swallow down with water.

As a general rule, pills take up the least amount of time, closely followed by shampoos, as you can weave them neatly into your morning routine. Mousses and serums take up the most time as they will add to your morning or evening groom.

Consider your personal preferences (you might, for instance, already have a shampoo that’s working well for you). Also, think about how the product works to stimulate hair growth and choose the medium or method you feel will fit into your daily life.


Another important factor when choosing hair growth products for men is frequency of use. The most common options are a few times per week, once a day, or multiple times per day.

Another thing to consider is how long the positive hair-boosting effects will last after you stop using the product. Some products will offer longer-lasting benefits while others require continual.

Basically, you should choose a product based on the amount you’re willing to invest in the long run and the severity of your hair loss.


Ingredients in the best hair growth products for men differ (especially the active ones). You should check them out and understand what they do before making your decision.

Some active ingredients like Minoxidil are more synthetic and hard-acting. Additives like those can cause irritation or burning, particularly if you have a sensitive scalp. Others, like Capilla Longa, are more naturally derived and stimulate growth while treating existing hair strands.

Each hair loss ingredient is designed to—well, stimulate hair growth. But they typically do so in varying ways. Research the ingredients, consider your hair loss goals, and think about your skin or hair type, then you’ll make the right choice.


    • When you’re looking for a hair growth product, a mix of medical and naturally derived ingredients often proves most effective.

      Active medical ingredients such as Minoxidil and Finasteride are effective for hair thinning and male pattern baldness. Naturally-sourced goodies like Saw Palmetto and Capila Longa are relatively new ingredients on the block. But they’re kind to the scalp, and they also boast hair-boosting effects.

      When you’re choosing a potential hair growth product for men, read the ingredients list carefully and do your research based on your needs.

      • Hair growth products have varying results from person to person. But the hair products on our list are known to offer positive results with regular use.

        Look for clinically tested products that include natural or medically active ingredients. They have a great track record for stimulating hair growth, so they’re the most likely to work for you and your mane-boosting goals.

        • The products that promote hair growth contain at least one or even a balanced mix of these active ingredients:

          • Minoxidil
          • Finasteride
          • Red Clover Flower Extract
          • Saw Palmetto
          • Capila Longa
          • Rosemary Oil

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