Basketball Apparel-Inspired Handbags : tank top shopping bag

‘Marni,’ the Italian luxury fashion brand, has debuted the ‘Basket Tank Top Shopping Bag’ as part of its Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. This product was designed to mimic the style of a basketball jersey, and it does so with pinpoint accuracy. From the mesh-like fabric right down to the clothing tag on the collar between the bag’s handles, the bag appears exactly like the sporting apparel it takes inspiration from.

Currently, the Basket Tank Top Shopping Bag is available in three colorways. The first colorway features a yellow base with green accents, the second is adorned in black with red accents, and the third offers a carrot-like pattern of orange with blue accents. This shopping bag is available on Marni’s and Très Bien’s websites for roughly $330 USD.

Image Credit: Marni

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