Independent Menswear Collections : 2022 menswear collection

‘Lownn,’ the independent Paris-based fashion label founded in 2016, has debuted its Autumn/Winter 2022 menswear collection. This collection attempts to transform traditional menswear styles by mixing different themes together, such as military and urban wear. Additionally, Lownn primarily uses sustainable materials in its clothing, bridging the gaps between stylish menswear and eco-consciousness.

The items in this collection range from form-fitting green and black military jackets to large, cozy quilted jackets made with a variety of wool, nylon, and other sustainable fabrics. The Autumn/Winter 2022 collection from Lownn offers a piece of menswear that compliments many modern styles, as it also includes urban-style harem pants that appeal to a variety of colorways, as they come in brown, black, green, and gray.

Image Credit: Lownn

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