Loro Piana launches authenticity, traceability service at new Palo Alto store

Luxury ready-to-wear label Loro Piana has announced the launch of a new digital certification service with Aura Blockchain Consortium, to help guarantee the authenticity, traceability and excellence of its luxury products. 

Loro Piana launches authenticity and traceability certification. – Loro Piana

Coinciding with the opening of its new boutique in Palo Alto, California, the transparent digital certification debuts on the labels of twenty garments made of ‘The Gift of Kings’ wool and sold in the Palo Alto store. 

The new boutique in Palo Alto, houses all of the latest Loro Piana clothing and accessories collections, offering customers a complete shopping experience. On the garments, customers will find a QR code to scan to verify the authenticity and traceability of the item, telling its unique story, from the farm to the store. 

Customers can also register ownership of their purchase, which, in keeping with a legacy-tracing approach, can be passed down from generation to generation after the transmission of the certificate of ownership.

Moreover, each piece from the collection is associated with an exclusive digital artwork by London-based artist Charlotte Taylor, of The Gift of Kings as 3D sculptures. Taylor, founder of the Maison de Sable studio, is a “dreamscape artist”, specialized in the creation of 3D renderings that can also translate into tangible architecture and interior design projects.

Aura Blockchain Consortium was established in 2021 by five leading luxury groups, and is recognized as a nonprofit association based in Switzerland. The luxury groups including LVMH, Mercedes Benz, OTB, Prada Group and Richemont, aim to address the shared challenges of communicating authenticity, responsible sourcing and sustainability in a secure digital format. 

Looking ahead, from the spring/summer 2023 collection onwards, the transparent digital certification will be extended to new products made of The Gift of Kings available in all Loro Piana stores around the world. 

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