Nike partners with FaZe Clan on new shoe design

Nike has tapped gaming organization FaZe Clan to create the latest Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen shoe, inspired by the world of competitive gaming.

Nike partners with FaZe Clan on new shoe design. – Nike

As part of their first product collaboration, FaZe brings their iconic red and black colorway to Nike’s Lebron Nxxt Gen shoe with an eye-catching holographic Swoosh branding to offer a design that aims to represent the intersection of athletes and gaming culture.

In particular, the shoe was designed with creative teams from both companies including FaZe’s Jay ‘JVY’ Richardson and renowned visionary Toreno Winn.

“Our hope is that our first collaboration with Nike solidifies gamers belonging in the same realm of professional athletes,” JVY said in a news statement. 

“The design of this shoe is inspired by the analogy that just like motherboards buried underneath the shell of technology, all great talent comes from beneath, and we all use different internal functions to power us as athletes and gamers.”

Launched in 2010, FaZe Clan has established itself as one of the world’s most prominent and influential gaming organizations. The collaboration comes as Lebron James’ oldest son — Bronny — has worked with FaZe Clan since 2020.

The Nike Lebron Nxxt Gen x FaZe Clan shoe launches March 9 in North America and will be available at Snkrs and on FaZe Clan’s website.

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