Pantone’s LFW colour predictions mix dynamism with subtlety

Pantone has launched a new Colour Trend Report for the AW23/4 season linked to London Fashion Week (LFW) saying “dynamic” tones blend with “subtle and refined shades for unconventional pairings and witty mixes”.


With some surprisingly spring-like and summery colours, the key AW trend shades include Persimmon, Conch Shell, Fiery Red, Fired Brick, Sharp Green, and Spectra Yellow. 

The colour specialist said “the free-spirited assemblage” gets rid of limitations and propels us into “novel realms. Reflecting a focus on unique personalisation and our desire to break free, this season’s colours rejoice in individuality and creativity, blending our need for vibrant, joyful colour that actively vies for attention with essential, yet refined subtle timeless tones”. 

So the 10 key trend shades are Pantone 16-1544 TCX Persimmon, a honeyed coral “with a delicate sweetness”; 15-1624 TCX Conch Shell, a distinctive pink “whose engaging demeanour belies its substance; 18-1664 TCX Fiery Red that’s “sexy and sensual [and] creates excitement”; 19-1337 TCX Fired Brick, “a magnanimous reddish brown with finesse and savoir faire”; 13-0535 TCX Sharp Green, a “pungently keen yellow green… expansive and exuberant”; 14-3921 TSX Lacecap Hydrangea, a floral blue imbued with “the fresh essence of a seasonal bloom”; 14-0957 TCX Spectra Yellow that “speaks to innovation, enlightenment, and energy”; 16-0847 TCX Olive Oil, “a naturally nourishing golden green” that’s “essential to well-being”; 19-3336 TCX Sparkling Grape that “has a beguiling appeal”; and 16-4535 TCX Blue Atoll, a “waterborne blue” that “invites thoughts of tropical escape”.

Meanwhile, the new classics are “unobtrusive tints and tones [that] display a subtle presence”.

They include Pantone15-1216 TCX Pale Khaki, a “contemporary versatile tan taken from tradition”; 19-0414 TCX Forest Night, a “stalwart green” that “provides protective cover”; 13-4108 TCX Nimbus Cloud that’s a “wispy ethereal” grey; 12-0703 TCX Seedpearl, a lightly shaded fresh off-white; and 18-0202 TCX Lava Smoke, an “impenetrable” deep grey “imbued with gravitas”.

The launch of the trend report comes as the company also announces the addition of 229 new colours to the Pantone Matching System (PMS), including 224 mixed hues and five base inks.

They join the existing 2,350+ colours available across all of its Graphic System products, including the flagship Formula Guide.

The new additions “highlight the increased need for more nuanced shades across the library to help designers easily integrate with their evolving workflow”.

For trend-relevant colours there are more dark neutrals, blues, greens, and purples that “allows for more variety throughout the design process while maintaining close proximity to upcoming trends”.

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