Paper Yarn-Made Activewear : COMFORTIVE

THE NORTH FACE has officially launched its new ‘COMFORTIVE’ collection, a concise capsule featuring garments constructed using natural fiber paper yarn. Because of this, the brand is offering shoppers a range of truly one-of-a-kind activewear items with excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties.

The capsule has been divided into two smaller collections, the ‘Light Comfort Collection’ and the ‘Comfortive Basic Collection.’ The former utilizes a no-sew ‘WHOLEGARMENT’ production method that produces a seamless design ideal for summer wear. Meanwhile, the ‘Comfortive Basic Collection’ is designed for everyday activewear and uses soft knitting to deliver an extra comfy feel.

For those interested, the ‘Light Comfort Collection’ will go on sale in early February, while the ‘Comfortive Basic Collection’ will drop sometime in March. Both offerings will be available via the brand’s online website.

Image Credit: The North Face

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