The Best Nose Trimmers To Buy In 2021

There comes a time in every man’s life when he needs a device for grooming in places he never thought would ever need grooming. Which is another way of saying, chaps, you’ll be getting hairs sprouting out of your nose at some point, whether you like it or not. It’s a rite of passage, like your first kiss or pint, just a lot less pleasant.

Fortunately, technology is more than up to the task of deforesting your nostrils and there are plenty of good nose trimmers available. They work much like an electric shaver or beard trimmer, with precision razors chopping away at the head of a device shaped especially for the cavity in question.

In grooming terms, they’re relatively cheap, too. Most models will also take care of your ears, or anywhere else you might start sprouting unwanted hair (best check every facial crevice, fellas – a shocking reality of manhood). If you’re happy manscaping parts of your body that aren’t often on show, then you should have no problem taking care of business when it comes to nose hair – an area that’s on display for everyone from your boss to your next Tinder date. Oh, and trust us, it’s a hell of a lot less painful than plucking.

Here are nine of best nose hair trimmers you can buy today.

The Best Brands For Nose Hair Trimmers


As one of the world’s top tech companies, Philips does it all – from TVs and stereos to juicers and toasters. But the Dutch tech giant has become a leader of men’s grooming and hair removal products, staking (or shaving?) its claim with the universally loved Norcelo electric razor. So it’s no surprise that Philips makes the very best products for sticking up your nose and strimming away the unsightliness of all that hair.

Philips’ premium range is – by nose trimmer standards – a technical marvel. The models use ProtecTube blades, wrapped in foil to stop skin irritation and designed to stop pulling. They’re also angled to reach every nook and cranny of your nostril.

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The Japanese manufacturer is one of the great tech innovators and is now more than 100 years old. In terms of grooming gadgets – shavers, hair clippers, trimmers for any kind of facial hair or body hair – Panasonic has a strong tradition of multi-tasking models and keeping up with latest grooming habits. It’s an ever-reliable brand whether you’re after a high-end, high-spec model, or something cheap and cheerful that just gets the job done.

Panasonic’s nose trimmers are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but you get plenty of bang for your buzz. They use hypo-allergenic rotary blades that cut hairs at all angles for a clean, efficient trim.

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Panasonic All-in-One Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


This classic American razor brand is a worldwide leader and longtime innovator of the shaving game. Founded in New York in 1937, Remington introduced the protective foil cover with its first electric dry shaver, then gave us the dual headed electric shaver, and first ever body hair trimmer.

The innovation continues, with products equally effective for hacking hair from out of your nostrils as from your body and face. Its nose trimmer series continues tradition by using a dual-bladed vertical head to catching every stray hair. Also made of an anti-microbial silver housing, which is packed with anti-bacterial ions.

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Remington Nano Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer


This US-based brand has been making hair products since the late 1950s, when its parent company was founded in a garage in Queens, New York. Humble beginnings perhaps, but it’s grown over the years to be one of the most recognisable brands in haircare and grooming – and a surefire favourite amongst hair professionals. BaByliss began producing a dedicated line of grooming tools for men in 2003 and offers affordable alternatives to other big name brands.

Its selection of nose trimmers is no different: super cheap models that come with separate heads – a rotary blade, vertical blade, and detail trimmer – to also tackle ears, sideburns, eyebrows, and moustache.

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BaByliss for Men 7051BU 3-in-1 Hygienic Trimmer


In grooming tech terms, the German manufacturer is a sturdy elder statesman. Dating back to 1921, when it was founded in Frankfurt, Braun has built its well-earned reputation on practically efficient features, products that are built to last, and wallet-friendly prices. Its electric shavers – from simplistic Series 1 to high spec Series 9 – are amongst the best in the game.

True to form, Braun’s dedicated nose and ear trimmer is an ergonomic, non-nonsense design that gets the job done. It’s an easy-to-clean model that uses a circular blade to effectively slice hairs without any painful pulling or tugging.

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Braun Ear and Nose Trimmer


As the UK high street’s favourite pharmacy for almost 170 years, we all know what Boots is by now: a one stop shop for every ailment you can think of. There’s nothing it can’t remedy during a quick lunchtime visit, whether it’s a headache, dicky tummy, smelly feet, or unwanted hairs sprouting from every orifice. Alright, not every orifice, but Boots does have your nostrils covered with its range of no-frills-but-well-reviewed grooming electronics.

The Boots nose and ear trimmer has an LED light for getting a clear look – and cut – up the nose, making it a worthy (albeit cheaper) contender to models from major tech companies.

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Boots male personal trimmer


There’s a reason that Wahl’s grooming products are a top choice in barber shops. The Illinois-based firm has been leading the way since its inception in 1919. Amongst its achievements are the invention of the world’s first practical electric hair clipper, the first cordless battery-powered hair clipper, and first battery-operated facial hair trimmer.

The Wahl Lithium Ion Detail Trimmer isn’t a world’s first, but it’s a best-in-class option, packing a huge amount of power into its lithium ion battery. Three changeable heads – vertical, rotary, and detailer – make it an ideal tool for all sorts of facial hair trimming.

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Wahl Lithium Ion Micro Finisher Detail Trimmer

Paul Anthony

Adding to a decent range of electric trimmers, razors, and clippers from the budget grooming brand, Paul Anthony’s clipper and trimmer combo is a solid cut-price choice.

It uses high carbon rotary blades, and has a handy LED light. But this one does more that get up your nose. It has a changeable trimmer head – which resembles a more traditional razor – for detailing hairlines or tackle general stray hairs elswehere on the face.

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Paul Anthony Nose Clipper and Trimmer


Who says that nose trimmers needed to be electric? Chooling make more traditional trimming tools such as nail and hair scissors. This manual trimmer is essentially the nose trimming equivalent of a dopp kit set of nail clippers. And this is just as simple to use.

Essentially a rotary-style trimmer, you just squeeze the wings of the device to get the 12-blade system moving and get a clean and quick in-nose cut. It takes slightly longer than a battery powered option, but there’s an undeniable satisfaction of doing it old school.

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Manual Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer by Chooling

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