The Best Suede Jackets You Can Buy In 2022

There’s more than a little truth in the notion that men’s wardrobes often centre around practicality. But as an unarguable rule, we’re calling BS. How else do you explain the fact that the best suede jackets have long been seducing otherwise sensible men to part with their hard earned money?

Sure, suede can be a pretty poor adversary for rain, but when equipped with a layer of protective spray, that’s more of a concern rather than a deal breaker. If you look past all of that hand-wringing about water damage, you’ll find that there are a lot of other things to love about the best mens’ suede jacket.

For starters, it can breezily transition through seasons with the help of some sensible sartorial switch-outs. Then there’s its unrivalled ability to emit low-key luxury vibes without whiffing of a Premiership footballer who’s just received his first pay packet. And if you’ve ever felt a the best suede jacket’s hypnotic nap under your fingertips, you’ll know that it can give you all of the feels.

Most persuasive, though, is the fact that the suede jacket has found itself on the backs of some of the best-dressed men of all time. “Suede jackets were worn by the icons such as Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, and in recent years, they’ve been rediscovered by modern men too,” says Alex Field, head of menswear design at Reiss. “Not only are suede jackets timeless, but they’re also handy all year around, so there’s never not a good time to take the plunge.”

If you’re swayed by suede but aren’t sure how to get stuck in, fear not, because we’ve considered everything that you need to know about wearing the softest outerwear on the block and compiled a list of the best men’s suede jackets you can buy.

The Best Men’s Suede Jackets

Best Overall Men’s Suede Jacket: AllSaints

It turns out that distressed leather jackets aren’t the only luxe outerwear item that AllSaints excels at. Just a brief thumb through the British brand’s rails will also throw up an impressive amount of stylish suede jackets.

You’ll find everything from classic bikers and bombers to more unusual sheaths of suede (think field jackets and even blazers), all of which make the range on offer pretty hard to beat for sheer variety.

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ALLSAINTS Konrad Suede Bomber Jacket

Best Men’s Suede Biker Jacket: Marks And Spencer

If you weren’t already aware of Marks and Spencer’s reputation as one of the best places to head for classic meets contemporary clothing, consider yourself now in on the secret.

It may not be the first place that enters your head when looking for a suede jacket, but after a quick gander at its pared-back and buttery-soft options, it might well just be the last. The standout? Their suede biker jacket. A classic look that won’t go out of style, especially among this list of the best suede jackets.

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Best Men’s Brown Suede Jacket: Todd Synder

Using soft-to-the-touch Italian calf suede, this brown suede jacket is tough enough to add a little edge to a more polished look, but still polished enough to add a little continental cool to a more casual get up.

The perfect chocolate brown color that goes with most shades and hues, this will become a fall staple for your closet.

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Best Men’s Black Suede Jacket: Percival

A rework of the classic Button Vincent style from this East London fashion house, the Pleated Denton Suede Jacket features Japanese denim jacket styling across the front panels and a slightly more cropped fit.

Perfect for layering over or under winter garb, this black jacket will be the staple that takes you from fall to winter and winter to spring. Universally stylish, you can’t go wrong with this best suede jacket in your closet.

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Best Men’s Suede Bomber Jacket: Valstar

With more than eight decades of experience in crafting ultra strokable suede jackets, Italian brand Valstar can be considered a safe, but nonetheless solid, shout.

One of the most iconic outerwear names to rise to fame in Milan, you’ll find plenty of diverse shapes to rummage through – from bomber jackets to truckers – and there’s practically no stone left unturned when it comes to colour either.

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Best Men’s Suede Vintage Jacket: Polo Ralph Lauren

If there is one thing about suede jackets, they’ve always been in style. That means that sometimes you need to go back a few decades to get a fit and style that truly speaks to you. Luckily, Ralph Lauren has a knack for adding the vintage flair – which leads to this vintage-looking suede creation.

Don’t be afraid to go for what some see as a dated look. Instead, know that a vintage suede jacket will never truly go out of style.

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Best Men’s Suede Trucker Jacket: Reiss

At the premium end of the high street, the word Reiss is as synonymous with supple suede outerwear as it is sharp suits. As a result, you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of well-cut designs on offer.

If you’re in the market for something a bit less ubiquitous, check out one of the many suede trucker jackets, which are guaranteed to layer like a dream.

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Best Men’s Suede Sherpa Jacket: Levi

This classic American brand knows how to create instantly classic sherpa suede jackets, on top of their bread and butter denim coats and jeans. If you’re looking for this scruffy and edgy fit to help you usher in the colder months, Levi is your stop.

Every man needs a sherpa jacket in his closet to help keep him warm.

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Best Men’s Suede Shearling Jacket: Closed 

Menswear powerhouse Closed has their own spin on the suede shearling jacket. Reversible and using lambskin, this jacket will keep you looking stylish while staying toasty warm. It also has a hood to keep your head protected from the elements.

If you’re looking for something that is sturdy and will actually get you through the cold winter months, look no further.

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Best Men’s Faux Suede Jacket: Zara

We could go on about investment pieces until we’re blue in the face, but for wallet (and whim-) friendly faux suede styles, Zara is hard not to love.

You won’t just find timeless takes on offer here either. The fast-fashion giant has got everything from preppy varsity, borg collar, pastel and Harrington styles to get stuck into too.

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How To Choose The Best Suede Jacket

There are few key areas to think about before picking the best suede jacket for men.

Fit & Style

Picking the best suede jacket for you means deciding on which style and fit you want. Are you looking for something edgy and casual like a bomber or biker fit? Or something a bit more streamlined like a trucker or overshirt fit? Whatever look you’re going for, make sure you take into consideration the different styles your suede jacket can come in.


On top of fit and style, knowing what colour suede you want is key to picking the best suede jacket. Are you looking for a basic black jacket that goes with everything? Or do you want to be adventurous and try out a baby blue suede like the bomber from Valstar? Once you figure out what hue you want, then you can narrow down your choices.


Now that you have fit, style, and colour, it’s time to consider how thick of a jacket you want. Do you plan to make this a winter jacket or just a fall/spring jacket? Do you want the extra warmth of shearling or sherpa, or do you want something that is more layerable? Once you answer that question, the jacket will come to you.

How To Care For A Suede Jacket

Cool as it looks on a jacket, as any man who has endured the brutal experience of staining suede will know, the struggle to revive a piece to its former glory can often feel like trying to nail jelly to a wall.

In layman’s terms, suede is leather which has had its top layer removed to reveal the stupidly-soft fibres (its nap) beneath. This comes with the downside of being thinner and more porous than leather: hence why keeping those uninvited guests at bay can be a challenge.

Luckily, if you can work out the basics of how to operate a spray can, it’s plain sailing from thereon in. Get yourself a dedicated suede protector spray, apply lightly and evenly from six inches away from the surface of the jacket. Allow to dry naturally, then repeat for extra protection. Job = done.

If defences ever fall short and you need to go into damage limitation mode, make sure a suede brush (or a cleaning block for angrier stains) is within reach. Simply pray to the menswear gods while gently brushing with the grain of the jacket’s nap to stand the best chance of giving stubborn marks their marching orders.

If all of this sounds like a bit of a pain in the backside, then a nubuck jacket (which uses sanded down cow’s hide leather) should be your go-to as it’s more resilient than standard-issue suede.


How to clean a men’s suede jacket

The best way to clean a mens suede jacket is to hand wash the jacket gently in cool water with a mild detergent. Then, rinse the jacket thoroughly and use a towel to absorb as much water as possible before allowing the jacket to dry naturally. Don’t wring the jacket!

How to style a suede jacket

Suede jackets can be styled up with a solid, sleek turtle neck, trousers and loafers. They can also be styled down with a white or black T-shirt, jeans, and boots. That’s the exciting part of any type of suede jacket; it’s versatile and moves with you as you experiment with your style.

How to soften a suede jacket

There are a few ways to soften a suede jacket. You can tumble dry it in the dryer without heat, blow-dry the suede jacket, apply a specific suede conditioner to the surface of the jacket, get the jacket dry-cleaned, or simply wear it all the time.

How to store a suede jacket

The key to storing a suede jacket is to avoid excessive heat. Store your suede jacket in a cool area and make sure to avoid leaving it in garment bags, especially if they are plastic or woven. Keeping them in garment bags or in hot, humid places can cause mold to form, which you want to avoid at all costs.

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