Top 85 Men’s Fashion Trends in March

Bold concepts and progressive designs mark the March 2022 men’s fashion trends, which were largely informed by the not-so-distant change in season. As a result, many labels’ debuted their Spring/Summer 2022 collections, while others simply opted to shift away from robust, winterized designs in favor of lightweight, casualwear pieces.

Eco-conscious concepts and a focus on sustainable production methods were recurring themes throughout this collection as many brands dropped new planet-friendly apparel. For example, OAMC, an upcycling fashion label, introduced a new sustainability-focused initiative called Re: Work, which launched with its first jacket collection made from repurposed military gear.

Elsewhere, Munich-based fashion label A Kind of Guise released a luxury vegan leather jacket made from recycled grapes and vegetable oils. At the same time, genderless brand TELFAR dropped the Red collection, which consisted of a range of eye-popping vegan leather accessories.

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