Vaporwave-Inspired Streetwear : Warakami Vaporwave

Warakami Vaporwave’s newest collection with Popkiller has recently been released. The collection takes inspiration from vaporwave, the electronic music genre and aesthetic, with its early internet graphics, neon writing, geometric shapes, retro feel, and daydream-like appeal.

This new Popkiller Artist Series features three new t-shirts — ‘TOTALLY SAD,’ described as “sad boy hours but make it 80s retro tech synthwave”; ‘MEMPHIS 85’ which takes inspiration from Memphis 80s design; and ‘HARAJUKU KISS’ which will get consumers “dreaming of a city pop romance.”

According to the company, “Warakami Vaporwave is an independent illustrator who works in vaporwave, pop art, retrowave, anime, and 80s/90s aesthetics.”

Every order is hand-printed by the Popkiller team in Los Angeles, CA. The collection is available to purchase in-store or online.

Image Credit: Popkiller, Warakami Vaporwave

Credit: Source link


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