Retro Rave-Inspired Activewear : flutur

PUMA has reunited with Dua Lipa for another ‘Flutur’-themed collection, adding to the duo’s list of eye-catching silhouettes. The collection builds on the aesthetics of vintage rave culture, utilizing whimsical orange, purple, and pink hues, holographic detailing, and retro clothing styles. Dua Lipa’s butterfly motif is also returned, highlighted on the garments’ zippers and the PUMA cat logo. The ‘Flutur’ collection is known for its sporty silhouettes, offering apparel similar to football kits and leggings commonly repurposed for discos.

Collection highlights include the ‘Mayze Boot’ and ‘Mayze Metallic,’ in addition to other vibrantly colored apparel, footwear offerings, and accessories. The campaign visuals feature eccentric garments depicting a pink-haired Dua Lipa alongside other models in various artful poses. The 30-piece ‘Flutur’ collection debuts on PUMA’s website on July 14, 2022.

Image Credit: PUMA

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