Revolutionary Social Media Platforms : BrandArmy

BrandArmy is a revolutionary social media platform that allows users to monetize content and receive a boosted income. The platform hopes that its efforts in putting creators first will help them replace OnlyFans and Patreon.

In today’s world, online content is oversaturated, making it difficult for creators to make a living. Some of the most popular apps allow specific influencers into a pay-per-view program; however, many users still notice a lack of consistency in how much they are paid.

BrandArmy has come up with an all-new way to monetize content and boost influencer incomes. The company offers six different ways to earn money through its platform. BrandArmy offers a general subscription to its creators. Its users can make money by using their locked DM’s feature, lockable feed posts, tips from their fans, live streaming, and brand partnerships. The company has recently teamed up with DraftKings, CASETify, Bondi Boost, and more.

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