5 Fashion Items Actress Alysia Reiner Can’t Live Without

SAG Award-winning actress (you probably know her best from Orange Is the New Black), producer and environmental activist, Alysia Reiner, has a passion for fighting for a sustainable future – and it’s clearly reflected in her fashion must-haves.

When she’s not working as an entertainer she working to make a change most recently as Izzy’s Zero Waste Beauty first Eco Emissary. She is also working closely with the world’s first zero waste beauty line to launch new products and advise on sustainability strategies.

We chatted with Reiner to get can’t-live-without fashion items, all of which help make sustainable fashion feel more attainable.

“It’s also worth mentioning that few favorite brands of mine are now doing their own re-sale shops on their sites including Mara Hoffman, who has always been a sustainable fashion hero, and now she has started Full Circle. And my beloved La Ligne has started Re-Ligne.”

Keep reading for a look at more of Reiner’s favorites.

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