Acne? Try These Oil-Free Moisturizers (Even If Your Skin Is Not Oily!)

It’s a myth that oil-free moisturizers are only for those with oily skin. It’s also a myth that the best way to treat acne is to “dry it out;” no matter your skin type, your epidermis needs moisture.

While acne may or may not go hand-in-hand with oily skin (though excess sebum production is often a contributor, you can be acne-prone without having oily skin), many people swear by oil-free moisturizers for keeping – and getting – their skin clear. But oil-free moisturizers also work great for those with combination skin and they’re particularly popular in humid climates as compared to heavier, oil-based formulas.

The key is to look for products that balance out their lack of oil with hydrating ingredients – like hyaluronic acid – to keep skin, well, moisturized.

Click through our slideshow for a look at some of the best oil-free moisturizers.

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