Adut Akech Vogue Italia June 2022

It’s become common for editions of Vogue across the globe to share themes. Last year’s September offerings set their sights on new beginnings. This month Vogue France, Vogue Spain and Vogue Italia join forces to pay homage to the Mediterranean. The French team brought us along to Saint-Tropez with Raquel Zimmermann. Now Vogue Italia enlists Vito Fernicola to capture Adut Akech on the Italian island of Pantelleria for June 2022. For the black and white cover photograph, Adut is an absolute vision decked out in an assortment of Chanel jewelry.

Vogue Italia June 2022 : Adut Akech by Vito Fernicola


The cover commanded the attention of our forum members. “AMAZING…LOVE IT!” exclaimed DK92.

“This is such a striking cover! I absolutely love it. The image is very strong and love the combination with the bright yellow,” raved [Piece Of Me].

“Glorious cover and the yellow font is perfect,” proclaimed mepps.

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“Beautiful cover…everything works!” approved justaguy.

“Gorgeous and completely unexpected from Vogue Italia. This collaboration looks very good thus far, I may pick up all three editions,” shared a pleasantly surprised SLFC.

“Oh, it’s actually gorgeous,” confessed MON.

Not everyone shared the same level of enthusiasm, however. “Am I the only one who dislikes this cover?” asked ah ah.

“My least favorite out of the three Vogue covers dedicated to the Mediterranean,” admitted vogue28. “I do not equate black and white photography to the Med whatsoever and for that reason alone the cover is a fail IMO.”

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