Aries links with Yoox for genderless exclusive collection

London-based luxury streetwear brand Aries has partnered with on a capsule collection available from this month. It continues the gender-neutral Aries approach in a series of apparel pieces in which animal-style print and tie-dye feature prominently.

Aries x Yoox

But it’s not all about print and there are plenty of plains in simple silhouettes that can be worn as they are or adapted to add a gendered twist. 

The accompanying photoshoot “reflects the concept of the capsule: brothers, sisters, couples and friends, who share the same wardrobe, showing that gender does not represent a barrier”. 

Yoox may be mainly a site offering out-of-season pieces at discount prices but it has a regular stream of in-season collabs coming through, often with smaller labels.

As of this one, we see “refined fabrics combined with more common materials, tailoring-inspired essentials and unusual cuts: a mix-and-match that fully represents the mentality of the brand and its strong, but at the same time delicate, vision”.

The 13 pieces are available exclusively on Yoox and include sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, tops and leggings with technical fabrics and details borrowed from activewear. Plus there are sweaters, shirts and trousers featuring tie-dye, and suits “with a sartorial soul, elegant but versatile”. 

Aries is an interesting label that was founded by Sofia Prantera of Silas and Holmes fame. It was born out of an “ongoing love of trash culture, outsider art, graphics and illustration”. 

The brand “reflects its Creative Director’s Central Saint Martin’s background training and fascination with garment dyeing, printing and a forensic approach to garment construction”.

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