Beauty Elixirs That Hydrate and Battle the Signs of Aging

Now that winter is over, we can pack away all those extra layers. Not to mention all of those overly thick skin care products the season calls for. With spring’s arrival, we can really lighten up. Which is why we’re swapping our heavier serums for ultra lightweight beauty elixirs.

Elixirs can do anything serums can do. They’re excellent moisturizers adding just the right amount of hydration to keep you glowing straight through summer. Another big benefit? They help combat everything from fine lines to wrinkles and oversized pores.

The best ones have even more to offer. Certain formulas can replace your favorite makeup primer. Plus, a few can fill in for foundation on those days you feel like skipping makeup. Because who doesn’t want almost effortlessly dewy skin this time of year?

A word of warning. The best beauty elixirs don’t come cheap. You can easily spend several hundred dollars on one bottle. But, thankfully, there are more cost-effective alternatives. It really comes down to what you’re looking for. If your mission is to replace almost your entire skin care lineup, it’ll cost you. (Although it may actually be a bargain if you total up the price tags of all your current formulas.) If you’re just trying to supplement one or two products, you can afford an elixir for less.

Here are the best ones to swap into your warm weather skin care routine.

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