Bella Hadid Swarovski Spring 2022 Ad Campaign

Throughout the years, we’ve gotten used to Bella Hadid serving nothing but face. Whether she’s fronting advertising campaigns for Versace, Moschino and Helmut Lang or wowing us on the covers of Allure, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Vogue Greece and V Magazine, Bella knows how to strike a pose. No wonder Swarovski tapped the American beauty for its latest campaign along with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott as photographers. In the playful and colorful images, Bella gazes down the lens evoking different attitudes while dripping in eye-catching creations from the luxurious jeweler.

Swarovski S/S 2022 : Bella Hadid by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


The campaign ultimately divided our forums. “Tacky,” described mikel the moment the ads dropped.

“Tacky AF, but I’m digging it,” confessed kokobombon.

“Setting is way too distracting (and gimmicky),” a less than impressed thiago:) chimed in.

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GivenchyHomme isn’t sold: “They made Bella Hadid look like a CGI character thanks to disastrous retouching. She has great skin so I don’t understand why they went overboard with the retouching. Her freckles would have added a human touch.”

“Bella has a cold, angular beauty that makes her ideal for jewelry campaigns,” noted tigerrouge.

“She looks so mature and I love that kind of beauty,” admitted ivano.

“I like them, they’re certainly bold and eye-catching enough! I’m also a huge fan of how the art direction and concept continue throughout each campaign image. Bella Hadid’s undoubtedly got the ability to serve face and does just that here,” said vogue28.

Swarovski S/S 2022 : Bella Hadid by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


See more of Bella as the face of Swarovski and join the conversation here.

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