Best Tinted Moisturizers to Replace Your Foundation

We love foundation and moisturizer as much as the next girl. What we don’t love? When our foundation gets cakey and our moisturizer makes us greasy. The troublesome combo should work together, not against — and how many times have you found your foundation “slipping off” by the end of the workday and your skin radiating a greasy glow? That’s what we thought.

That’s why we’re turning to our trusty tinted moisturizers. Not only do they hydrate your skin, helping to keep it smooth and plump (buh-bye fine lines), but they provide a touch of color that can easily replace your heavy foundations — which is perfect for the warmer months. Curious to see which tinted moisturizers are the all-stars of the beauty world? Discover all the best tinted moisturizers according to consumer reviews here.

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