Beyoncé UK Vogue July 2022

Since landing at British Vogue, Edward Enninful has cemented himself as one of the greatest editors of our time. This year alone, the magazine’s front covers have featured everyone from Naomi Campbell to Lila Moss. Gisele Bündchen blew us away with pure glamour on last month’s cover. The publication’s latest cover conquest? None other than global sensation Beyoncé who returns to the British fashion bible for July 2022. Photographed by Rafael Pavarotti, the icon sits on a horse for the grand cover shot wearing a look from Alaïa’s Fall 2022 collection and a headpiece from a special collaboration between Harris Reed and milliner Vivienne H. Lake.

UK Vogue July 2022 : Beyoncé by Rafael Pavarotti


British Vogue‘s latest caused a great divide on our forums. “Tacky,” described WinstonH20 the moment the cover dropped.

“Not good. Beyoncé’s best Vogue cover is still her first American Vogue because it’s simple not this tacky,” echoed caioherrero.

“Wow, this is even tackier than Beyoncé herself,” MDNA chimed in.

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Marc10 is also underwhelmed: “I’m not crazy about the styling, it’s way too early 2010s Lady Gaga. Beyoncé doesn’t really carry these heavy camp fashion looks because she doesn’t have a larger-than-life persona so the clothes end up wearing her.”

“My energy just depletes whenever I see Beyoncé. The Kendall Jenner of musicians on magazine covers, giving us nothing and overpowered immensely here by the theatrics of Rafael Pavarotti’s photography and Edward Enninful’s styling,” voiced vogue28.

But not everyone agreed. “The photograph has a strong Jean-Paul Goude vibe and is certainly one memorable cover,” raved aracic.

“I’m obsessed with how camp this is,” approved crmsnsnwflks.

See more of British Vogue‘s July 2022 issue and join the conversation here.

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