Birgit Kos UK Harper’s Bazaar July August 2022

Lydia Slater often surprises us with models on the front covers of British Harper’s Bazaar. This year alone, we’ve encountered covers starring Karen Elson and Cara Delevingne. Now Birgit Kos appears on the title’s double offering for July/August 2022. Captured by photographer Yulia Gorbachenko with styling from Sandy Armeni, the Dutch model rocks cropped hair plus an Eres swimsuit teamed with a pair of Chanel earrings while posing on the rocks of the Greek island of Milos.

UK Harper's Bazaar July/August 2022 : Birgit Kos by Yulia Gorbachenko


The cover received mixed feedback on our forums. “Beautiful and quite nostalgic,” admired crmsnsnwflks.

“Birgit looks stunning! It’s very Bazaar. I like it!” approved annikad.

“I love the cover! Perfect for the summer and I’m glad to see British Bazaar move from its gardens to the beach this month,” aracic pointed out.

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“Beautiful. Birgit is the Linda Evangelista of her generation. I love her,” proclaimed avonlea002.

“A perfectly fine cover, but feels somewhat out of left field for British Harper’s Bazaar. I do appreciate model covers now and again and I’ve always been a fan of Birgit Kos. The cropped hair reminds me of Linda Evangelista and the colors and composition are lovely!” voiced vogue28.

Although not everyone is thrilled. “Pretty but very generic,” noted BlueRuin.

“Not bad. But I don’t like Birgit’s hair color,” said mikel.

“The hair totally ruins it,” declared liberty33r1b.

A hit or a miss? See more from the July/August 2022 issue of British Harper’s Bazaar here.

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