Camo Prints Are Here for Summer

There are certain prints that are considered staples. Think animal patterns, polka dots and, of course, that classic Burberry check motif. You can definitely add camo prints to the list. Fashion’s takes aren’t designed to blend into the background, though. These patterns are all about standing out thanks to on-trend silhouettes and clever riffs on the traditional print. There are bold color combinations, saturated brights and unexpected fabrics that make it simply impossible to disappear into a crowd.

Brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Alessandra Rich and Norma Kamali are clearly all in. They have many camo print pieces to choose from. We’re talking jumpsuits, miniskirts, shorts, etc. Despite the wide range of options, we advise sticking to one pattern per outfit. Although if you feel like capping off your look with shoes boasting subtle nods to the trend, then go right ahead.

When it comes to the mix-and-match approach, try teaming a camo piece with other patterns or pair it with a sexy silhouette for a cool mash-up. The juxtaposition is what makes camouflage feel modern. It also helps the fabric shed its utilitarian rep.

Ahead, some truly stylish pieces featuring cool camo prints that will work wonders in your current summer wardrobe.

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