Celebrity Trainer Noah Neiman Shares His Airport Workout

“Coincidentally writing this from the airport!” says  Noah Neiman, co-founder of Rumble Boxing.   He goes on to explain that when looking for a workout you can do while at the airport it’s important to keep it simple. “Workouts don’t have to be intricate or long to be effective.”

Below he singles out some of his favorite moves to do while waiting for takeoff. “Do what you can – that might mean 100 squat challenges or mean five sets of 30 seconds straight, but regardless, workouts are supposed to be relatively challenging for YOU! That’s how we get stronger, through that specific demand we put on our bodies. So keep it simple and structure your sets/reps so that YOU feel challenged.”


Image: Mike Raabe for Getty

“One of my favorite go-tos because of how comprehensive the movement is. Squats and its variations are generally the bedrock for most of my workouts. Great for core, legs, and overall muscular development. Plus… do enough, and as the booty grows – so does the IG influencing powers. Those are the rules –  I don’t make them. Drop your booty between your heels. Place your hands in prayer position and elbows on the inside of knees. Push elbows apart to increase the strength in your lower back and groin. Hold for 10 seconds. Shake it out. Repeat 4-5 times.”


Image: Rumble Boxing

“Probably the most important movement pattern for most athletes and since life is but a sport, probably incredibly important for you too! Unilateral (single sided) exercises are important for strengthening healthy movement patterns in general. Since walking/running/sprinting is just a series of repetitive single leg movements. They don’t take up much space and including front, back, side, transverse lunges is a quick way to get a very strong workout at the gate.” 


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“This is my pressed for time workout. I bang out 500 of these puppies as quickly as I can. As I said before, the sets/ reps you choose should be challenging for YOU. If 10 push-ups is tough – great – then do THAT until you can do 20.  20 until you can do 30! 30 until… 500!! That’s the way we get better. Incrementally. Don’t be ashamed of the regression game, if you have to drop to your knees to properly keep your elbows positioned and get your chest to grow, absolutely do that.”


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“And it’s TSA approved for your carry on bag.  Not for the shy or the one with social anxiety. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. Find a SAFE spot where you won’t whack your fellow travelers and get to jumping to improve blood flow, improve hand eye coordination, and strengthen your cardiovascular system.”

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