Childrenswear Brands Fashionable Moms Love

You can’t go wrong with classics like Ralph Lauren or Bonpoint, but there are plenty of other brands you probably don’t know about that have just as much to offer. While some are more affordable than others, no matter how much you have in your budget for clothing there’s plenty of adorable-ness to go around.

Keep reading for a look at childrenswear brands fashionable moms all seem to love.

Little Hometown

I’m a forever New Yorker, but I travel more than I’d like to because of my husband’s job, which is why I love Little Hometown. Pick your state and they have a bunch of inspired pieces to pick from from bibs to swaddles. The quality is top notch and I love that it’s a family-run brand. Plus, it gives you the feeling of home even if you’re thousands of miles away.


If I had to pick one brand to have my children live in, it would be Jacadi. I spent 13 years in the French education system – Lycee Francais de New York – so the Parisian aesthetic carries a lot of nostalgia with it for me.  Plus, everything in the brand is beautifully made and, unlike French labels like Bonpoint, Jacadi’s pieces actually often look more expensive than they are. They also wash well, so you don’t need to be precious with the clothing (don’t miss their hats). Sign up for their email list and follow them on social media because they don’t have many sales, but when they do, they’re short and sweet.


UK brand Joules is on my homepage – I check the site all the time because not only are they reasonably priced, they almost always have a ton of items on sale. Just like Jacadi is quintessentially French, Joules has British vibes – everything is posh (as in well and beautifully made), but with a touch of humor. They also embrace classic favorites like Peter Rabbit. I ordered so many of the Peter Rabbit pieces – even before I was pregnant again – in anticipation, that’s how cute they are.


Another British brand that has become incredibly popular in, in-the-know mom circles is Mori. They’ve just launched their bear collection and it couldn’t be more adorable! They also make incredibly soft pajamas and sleep sacks. Moreover, if you’re buying gifts for someone who doesn’t yet know the gender of their child, this line is great because they have a ton of adorable unisex buys.

Magnetic Me

I thought zippers were convenient (seriously why would anyone buy a onesie/pajama with buttons?!), but Magnetic Me is even better – they use safety-tested magnetic closures to secure their designs (not just onesies, separates and dresses as well use magnets). It takes about a second and easily works even on fussy babies. Pure genius. They’re so convenient I’d get the onesies for my next-born even if they weren’t cute, but lucky for us, Magnetic Me’s prints are adorable.

Il Gufo

If you’ve got the budget to splurge, forget Gucci and Burberry, when it comes to childrenswear it’s Il Gufo you want. Does the look above not look as though it is straight out of Vogue?

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