Chino shorts are selling strongly despite cold weather

Thoughts of a long hot summer, or a weather-defying trend? Searches for men’s chino shorts are up fourfold year-on-year, according to John Lewis. Whatever the reason, it’s “shocked buyers” at the UK retailer.

John Lewis

It appears chinos in ‘cotton stretch’ fabrics are selling very fast. Across the six different shades on offer within its men’s department, navy is proving to be the most popular colour for this season’s (winter/spring?) classic look. 

“While some may be braving shorts year-round, others are looking to beat the winter blues, to get their wardrobes ready for holiday,” said Daisy Carter, Buyer for Men’s Own Brand at John Lewis.

“At first it didn’t stack up – we were absolutely mystified. But it seems that the trend for year-round shorts is a relatively new and growing phenomenon. 

“It’s also clear that our customers are looking forward to holidays again which may have prompted them to refresh their suitcase staples.” 

Last month, LADbible noted that postal delivery workers seem to wear shorts whatever the weather. And the Financial Times reported that this incongruous look had hit the runway when Irish designer Robyn Lynch teamed them up knits and jacket with shorts.

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