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We’re big fans of those beachy waves that come from taking a dip in the ocean. But the effect pools have on our hair is another story. Pools can cause hair to feel dry and brittle and sometimes even turn it green. That’s why clarifying shampoos are so important.

Clarifying shampoos are a year-round necessity if you’re a product junkie. But summer brings special concerns from all the time we spend in the water. If you’ve got blond locks, your biggest seasonal hurdle is trying to prevent that dreaded green tinge after swimming in chlorinated water. News flash: Chlorine is not the real culprit. It’s actually copper in the water that’s oxidized by chlorine that gives the less-than-desirable tint.

How often you treat your hair to clarifying shampoo depends on the nature of your strands. It’s best to stick to using one once or twice a week, but be careful if your locks are colored. Clarifying shampoos are great for prepping your hair before getting it colored, but they can wreak havoc on that new shade since they’ve been known to strip color.

If you’re planning to spend the rest of the summer underwater, you’ll need some good waterproof makeup and one of these clarifying shampoos that are real lifesavers for your strands.

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