Emma Corrin US Vogue August 2022

Anna Wintour must’ve heard our pleas for fresh new faces to start gracing the covers of American Vogue. After all, the publication has finally started featuring new and exciting cover subjects. Olivia Wilde, HoYeon Jung, Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have all made their debuts this year. Now the honor goes to Emma Corrin for August 2022. Captured by Jamie Hawkesworth and styled by Alex Harrington, the Golden Globe Award-winning star is all smiles in the joyous cover image wearing a New York Yankees cap and a Louis Vuitton tank dress from the brand’s Fall 2022 collection.

US Vogue August 2022 : Emma Corrin by Jamie Hawkesworth


Members of our forums either love or loathe the cover. “I have no idea who Emma Corrin is, but that’s a beautiful portrait by Jamie Hawkesworth. Love the golden colors,” admired mepps.

“Lovely, lovely, lovely! Love Emma and love Jamie!” praised ChicSaks.

“I love it! The monochromatic colors really elevate the mood of Emma’s photo,” crmsnsnwflks chimed in.

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JPineapple also likes the outcome: “The cover is so refreshing to see! Emma looks so gorgeous…”

Everyone else isn’t sold. “Not really feeling any of this. The cover is dreadful — the cropping of the picture and positioning of Emma is terrible and what kind of off-balance layout is that?” wondered LastNight.

“I really don’t like the cover, Emma looks odd and I’m not a fan of the hair or the cap,” voiced aracic.

“This won’t make me buy Vogue again, what a boring cover,” declared liberty33r1b.

“Appears to be another month in which I’ll save some money from not buying American Vogue because this does zilch for me. Bland, lifeless (despite Emma Corrin’s smile) and devoid of any…pizzazz!” exclaimed vogue28.

Check out the accompanying cover feature and share your thoughts here.

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