Father’s Day Gifts for Not-So-Stylish Dads

Our dads certainly taught us a lot. Like how to (successfully) change our oil, balance our checkbooks and ride our bicycles. Now it’s time to return the favor. It’s time to teach them a little something about fashion via our Father’s Day gifts.

For instance they should know that they still can’t wear socks with sandals. No matter the situation. It’s important to point out that suits come in many other colors besides black, brown and navy. They should also be filled in on the fact that certain pairs of sneakers are now considered athleisure. In addition, they’re probably completely unaware that Hawaiian shirts aren’t considered fashion. But floral print shirts are. Plus, ties aren’t the only way to dress up a blazer. That’s where boldly colored and/or patterned pocket squares come in handy.

So let’s keep the corny dad jokes and lose those baggy old cargo shorts. Keep reading to check out some totally fashionable Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad. We’re talking everything from a cool plaid jacket to a colorful statement watch. Because dad definitely needs to upgrade. Thankfully, you can help your pop level up without completely annihilating your bank account. We found great gifts for as low as $36.

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