Foodie Gift Guide For Every Kind of Gourmand (Or, People Who Love To Eat…)

Foodie Gift Guide For Every Kind of Gourmand (Or, People Who Love To Eat...)
Foodie Gift Guide For Every Kind of Gourmand (Or, People Who Love To Eat…)

There’s nothing that warms the heart quite like food. Whether you’re shopping for a food snob or a candy addict, we’ve got memorable foodie buys to suit a variety of budgets.

Click through our slideshow for a look at some of the best 2022 holiday foodie buys.

  • SusieCakes’ Red Velvet

    SusieCakes’ Red Velvet

    Why order a frozen cake when you can easily get a fresh one? That’s only something someone who hasn’t tried SusieCakes’ Red Velvet would say. Moist and beyond delicious, it blows most fresh-from-the-oven options out of the water and it comes beautifully wrapped ready-to-gift. 

  • Sugarwish


    Whether your loved one loves Swedish fish or popcorn, they can find just what their sweet tooth craves with Sugarwish

  • Justin's


    For a memorable gift on a budget you can’t go wrong with nut butters. This gift set from Justin’s offers up an array of flavors. 

  • Magnolia Bakery

    Magnolia Bakery

    The iconic bakeshop Magnolia Bakery is now shipping its treats nationwide and they’ve really pulled out all the stops for this year’s holiday season. We’re talking Red Velvet Banana Pudding Cookies, Holiday Candy Store Mini Cupcakes and a whole lot more.

  • Godiva


    You can’t go wrong with Godiva and their Advent Calendar offers a holiday twist to a classic gift. 

  • Momofuku Goods

    Momofuku Goods

    David Chang’s Momofuku Goods offers pantry staples that ship nationwide and this holiday season is the perfect excuse to incorporate more umami, spice and everything nice into your at-home cooking. Momofuku Goods’ brand new holiday bundles and items include Barrel-Aged Soy Sauce (how’s that for foodie appeal?).

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