Gray Hair Care Products for Silver Strands

Gray, silver or white locks aren’t exactly #hairgoals. During last year’s Cannes International Film Festival, Andie MacDowell made a big statement by embracing her gray locks on the red carpet. The striking hue actually made her coils appear bouncier and shinier. But, just like with any other color, you need the right gray hair care products to maintain your strands.

Whether you simply want to highlight a few locks or go full-on gray, there are several products you need in your hair care arsenal. First, it’s important to realize that gray- and silver-hued manes can get a little brassy, just like blond locks. That’s where blue or purple products come in handy. We love Aveda’s shampoo and conditioner pairing to keep your strands shining all day (and night) long.

Since going gray usually comes with age, you need to treat some of the other common hair woes. Like reversing all that damage your locks have seen over the years. Look for leave-in treatments that focus on nourishing your stressed out tresses. You should also opt for styling products that condition as they help set your preferred ‘do in place.

Keep reading to discover the absolute top gray hair care products.

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