Here’s What To Know About Aura Nails

If you’re looking for some nail inspo to brighten things up on these dreary, dark days, consider aura nails.

“Aura nails have taken trends for nail art to a whole new level by integrating the concept of your specific aura colors into a fabulous manicure,” explains Rianna Basurto, a marketing associate at Bellacures. The look is literally sweeping TikTok. At the time of writing this story “aura nails tutorial” has a whopping 22 billion views.

So, what are aura nails, exactly?

“The style itself is meant to emulate the look of an aura photo that showcases your aura colors in a circular ombre design,” says Basurto. “While there are various takes on how to achieve this look, our newest service at Bellacures takes a unique approach to the aura nail design. Our Spiritual Reawakening service highlights the aura nail style by cleansing your aura, setting your intentions, and engaging your senses. This service is intended to help heal your inner self, by taking your typical nail care routine, and elevating into an experience that speaks to your higher being.”

Basurto goes on to note that to achieve the trend you’ve been seeing on your socials, you will likely need to have the look airbrushed onto your nails by a professional manicurist to achieve the signature gradient/faded look – even on the off chance you have an airbrush, it’s not as easy as it looks (and frankly, if you watch many TikTok videos it looks pretty messy…). “Oftentimes this look will need to be done on Gel-X or acrylic as it requires a bit more nail bed space to deposit the proper amount of color to create the gradient circular effect.”

What’s great about this style of manicure is that it takes nail art to a new personalized level – and it has good juju vibes, and who can’t use more of those?

If you don’t have the chance to opt for an in-salon treatment, a home hack is to use a wedge sponge to create the signature center fade. Apply polish in color A to your nails and then apply a small drop in a circular shape of color B surrounded by color A to the sponge and press down. Here’s a quick video to illustrate.

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