Injured? Pregnant? Here’s How You Can Still Do A Treadmill Workout

The treadmill doesn’t have to mean running down your knees or hips. There are plenty of ways to get cardio and endurance training without opting for a high impact workout. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, pregnant or simply looking to dial it back there are plenty of things that can be done with a treadmill. 

We turned to Casey Cohen, NASM, CFSC, pre/post-natal certified, ELI performer at Life Time and global resident trainer for Technogym for details as to how. 

Cohen is dressed to the nines in one of the latest athleisure trends, ribbed activewear. This emerald set from Alo Yoga will work just as well for low impact workouts as it will for higher intensity ones.

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Now on to the workout tips!

Keep reading for a look at Cohen’s tips on how to be safe on the treadmill no matter what your fitness level is. 

Boost your intensity by increasing strength, not endurance

“If you are that runner or walker who misses the intensity of pre-injury workouts, try increasing the incline of the treadmill instead of the speed. You will be getting cardiovascular benefits as well as strengthening your legs. Additionally, you shouldn’t feel as much of a pull on your ligaments around the hip flexor area if you use the incline more.”

Hang on to the railings

“The railing on the treadmill offers support for women trying to balance a baby bump or who are simply working on building up their balance and core strength. The incline is fine as long as women hold on to the railings of the treadmill. The combination of the frontloading baby weight and the incline could lead to imbalances while walking or running. The bars are meant to help keep you steady. A good check is to lower the incline and lower the speeds if you feel you are holding onto the railings for dear life.”

Walking Sideways on a Treadmill

Walking sideways on a treadmill can be extremely beneficial for improving strength and mobility of the hips and legs while simultaneously improving lower body coordination.”

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