July 2022 Magazine Covers We Loved and Hated

Summer is admittedly a slow time in the fashion universe. Sure, you have the menswear and haute couture shows. Not to mention all those seasonal trends to shop. But the next couple of months will be pretty low-key. Even when it comes to magazine covers. Many publications are putting out double issues for June/July or July/August. So the list of July 2022 magazine covers is relatively small compared to other months. That doesn’t mean they’re not something to behold, though.

Finally, we feel like it’s summer. And no, we’re not just talking about the soaring temps. The styling on most covers has us dreaming of beach vacations and lounging poolside. Naturally that means swimsuits galore. Even if some of them aren’t really swim-friendly.

On the complete opposite side of the sartorial spectrum, we’re treated to a catsuit, a long-sleeve dress and even a shearling-lined coat. At least the beauty stays true to the season. We’re talking sun-kissed, fresh-faced looks that prove less can sometimes be much more.

There is some diversity. Beyoncé, Imaan Hammam, Penélope Cruz and Hikaru Utada all make appearances. We just wish there was size, age and gender representation, too.

Here are the July 2022 magazine covers we adore and the ones that miss the mark.

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