Keep Skin Soft And Supple With These Top Notch Winter Moisturizers

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I don’t often do facials, but come winter it becomes a staple in my routine. The Circadia Oxygen Facial at Restore (they have locations across the country) is particularly great for this time of year as it works to deeply hydrate. They also use only oil-free products, which is great for anyone with acne-prone skin.

I’ve also found using a humidifier to be a game-changer. To that end the Frida BreatheFrida one has been my go-to (even though I initially bought it for my toddler). It combines a diffuser with a humidifier and doesn’t have a filter, so there’s nothing I have to worry about remembering to change. Most importantly it doesn’t leave a puddle of water on the floor meaning it’s actually impacting the humidity in my bedroom as the mist blends with the air.

The backbone of any winter-time skincare routine, however, is skincare. To that end we’ve rounded up the best moisturizers that work to hydrate skin without any irritation or stickiness (with or without a facial and/or humidifier).

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