Leandro Cano presents first bridal collection ‘Silencio Blanco’



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Mar 13, 2023

The designer from Jaén, Leandro Cano, presented his ‘Silencio Blanco’ collection in Seville on Thursday March 9. His first bridal collection featured a dozen designs inspired by the Andalusian community.

Silencio Blanco by Leandro Cano – Ruth Carpintero

According to the fashion firm, the wedding dresses are based on designs that “flee from the conventional and embrace fabrics such as cottons and linens, satins, twill, crepe, organza, jacquard with golden yarn and the most refined tulle.”

The garments were adorned with small pieces made by the Cordovan ceramist Luis Torres, who created white ceramic details for the pieces’ straps, buttons, belts as well as for other accessories.

The tulle veils came in different lengths and sizes, one of which was adorned with machine-made floral motifs.

The collection also included accessories resulting from collaborations such as headdresses by Lina Osorio; gloves by Rosita Fernández; and fabric flowers inspired by the costumes of the traditional Japanese form of theatre, Kabuki.

The presentation took place in the Old Convent of Santa María de los Reyes, which was founded in 1611 as a home for barefoot Dominican nuns and which was also used as a secret prison for the Holy Inquisition.

A native of the town of Ventas del Carrizal in Jaén, the designer studied photography and graphic design in Granada before moving to Seville to dedicate himself to the world of fashion, where he presented his first collection ten years ago.

He specialized in leather and handmade knitwear before he began to work with volumes created with harder materials, such as ceramics and burlap, until he came to complete outfits made entirely of esparto grass.

The designer has been a recipient of awards such as the Designer of Tomorrow prize in 2012 and the Samsung Innovation Project prize in 2014 and has collaborated with major department stores. He has also exhibited his pieces in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Frankfurt alongside those of designers such as McQueen and Margiela.

In 2020, Cano presented his latest collection in Paris, at the Cervantes Institute, which was inspired by Spanish folkloric women from Imperio Argentina to Rocío Jurado and was composed of seven dresses with the same silhouette, each one made with a different artisanal technique.

In addition to creating garments for his brand, in recent years the designer has created costumes for the play Los Cuerpos Perdidos by director, Carlota Ferrer, and for the flamenco dancer, Rafaela Carrasco, for her latest tour, among other things.

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