Linda Evangelista Fendi Baguette Ad Campaign 2022

We’ve been praying for a Linda Evangelista comeback for years. We’ve been hoping it comes in the form of the cover of British Vogue. But the supermodel’s spectacular return has arrived in the form of a Fendi campaign. Surprising us to no end, the brand secured the modeling legend for Fendi’s latest ads shining a spotlight on the iconic Baguette handbag. Linda reunites with Steven Meisel for the occasion with styling by none other than Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. For the chic campaign image, Linda showcases silver sequin variations of the bag originally created by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997.

Fendi ‘Baguette’ Handbags 2022 : Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel


Members of our forums couldn’t believe their eyes. “The queen is back!” proclaimed caioherrero.

“Speechless,” said helmutnotdead.

“This just brought tears to my eyes!” voiced kokobombon.

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“Shaking, crying, throwing up. What a spectacle!! La Linda and Meisel reunited at last and we get Carlyne to top it off? I’m too ecstatic to form objective criticism or full-length sentences, this is just easily the most exciting campaign I’ve seen in years,” raved aracic.

“Linda can do no wrong in front of Meisel’s lens. Glad she’s back,” approved cottonmouth13.

“Glorious! How wonderful to see Linda Evangelista back on the scene and with Steven Meisel nevertheless. You just know she felt comfortable posing for him!” exclaimed vogue28.

“Linda is just so dynamic, you can’t look away. Her eyebrows alone in this shot are doing more for the camera than some popular models have managed in their entire careers,” KINGofVERSAILLES pointed out.

“The greatest model shows the girls how it is done. Welcome back, Linda,” declared Paul Lintag.

Join the celebration and await more from the campaign here.

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